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The question how to Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo has been asked 1096 times by our users. Alchemy, as a philosophical occult tradition, combined the philosophical theorem with practical methods for personal improvement and to conquer Wisdom and Immortality. Contrary to chemistry, that deals only with natural matter and energy, Alchemy studies the use of the “ethereal” energy with purpose to analyze matter on a quantum level. At the same time, Alchemists would give a spiritual dimension in their quests (the quest for the Philosopher`s Stone and the elixir of life symbolized the transcendence from decay, sickness and death to the eternal life of the body and spirit). Alchemy was for Carl Jung, the forgotten element that would fill the void in the puzzle of historic continuum from the ancient Gnosticism to the appearance and evolution of psychology in his times. When alchemists speak of symbols of metals, they mean the true transmutation of their energy to the human soul. Diamond: This rock, thanks to its ability to refract light, was connected to the consciousness, clarity and acute perception resulting to the travel of the human soul to the higher truth and spiritual enlightment. Antimony: This chemical element was connected to man`s animal nature, the wild spirit within that is depicted in other folklore by the symbol of wolf.

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Symbols of the occult, used by philosophical or theosophical traditions during the past centuries.
The alchemists` practical method evolved to be the basics of modern day chemistry, as they created analysis, identification and substance separation techniques, which led to the creation of the first utensils form used even in modern labs. Alchemists` most important goals were to transform common metals to gold or silver and to create the elixir of life (Panacea), which would heal all the illnesses and prolong lifespan infinitely. Alchemy was often banned by the regimes in those times so the alchemists were force to use cryptography and “symbols” instead of words.
In his essay «The Psychology of the Transference» that is a research of the alchemical symbolism, he recognizes Alchemy as "the submission of a deep knowledge of love`s psychological mechanism through the process of harmonizing all the opposites, a process that is emotional, mental, normal and paranormal". The four elements, are connected to the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Material level of the human existence.

I am Literally giving you your own website and showing you exactly how to set it up (step by step.. TattooBox makes a short reference to the Alchemy tradition including everything that could help you decide if alchemy tattoos would fit your personality. Transforming metals to silver or gold, could be achieved by the use of a catalyst to transmute the metals, a universal dissolver that would reset all complex matter back to the basic substance that come from, the symbolic Gold or the Pure Catholic Matter. Embrace it, Join Us, & Live Love and Prosper with the life you and your family deserve!

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