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Hand-Drawn Abstract Henna Mehndi Tattoo Flower Mandala Medallion Designs- Paisley Doodle- Vector Illustration Design Element with Swirls in Background. Henna tattoo is a form of art used to decorate the body with intricate and detailed patterns. Apllying mehndi is an ancient art that has been passed down over the generations and is a popular method of self-expression. Boil 2 packets of instant coffee singles (ones that look like tea bags), in about 1½ cups of water.
Hold the cone in your right hand and gently squeeze out henna from it, making a pattern on your palm.

You can get a readymade herbal pack of henna powder, instead of sifting and grinding henna leaves at home.
You can also apply henna oil on your palm, before making the design, to get a deeper color. Also known as henna, mehndi is a natural material derived from the dried powder of plant leaves.
When the design is almost dry, dab a cotton ball in the solution and apply lightly on the designs, to darken the color of the mehndi. The art of decorating skin with henna is practiced mostly by women, which takes the form of designs on hands and feet (that fade away after a few day).

Today, henna tattoos are common amongst all those people who love tattoos, but do not want them permanently on their body. Arabic designs are also large and nature-inspired, but the most common are floral patterns.
Indian henna designs are the most elaborate and delicate designs of all, where the patterns look almost like lace.

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