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Full sleeves were once common only among bikers and outlaws but has since been accepted into the mainstream. Check tattoo photo gallery for inspiration while searching for your best tattoo design idea. The forearm tattoo is a beautiful example of what can be done with a talented artist and some forethought about the design. You can get a forearm tattoo on the underside of the arm so that it’s not so obvious, or on the top of the arm so the whole world can see it. You can choose to get a half sleeve, which is a tattoo that roughly stretches from the elbow to the wrist.

So popular in fact that people are rushing out to get a large graphic design placed on their forearm without giving it the proper thought. The better solution would be to find a tattoo parlor that is reputable and start from there.
This can be further compounded by getting the tattoo done by someone who is not a professional. Look at some of their forearm tattoo flash and decide what you like and what you don’t like. So, you end up getting a forearm tattoo that is not really what you wanted but also ugly as hell.

By working with a qualified tattoo artist you can get a forearm tattoo that is not only elegant but also has rich symbolic meaning to you.

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