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Unlike oceanic spinner dolphins, Hawaiian spinners are found close to shore in shallow coves and bays during the day. The spinner dolphin is named for its unique habit of leaping out of the water and spinning in mid-air.
Learn more about the Dolphin SMART program that promotes responsible stewardship of wild dolphins in coastal waterways. Dolphins are found in temperate waters all over the world, making them the most prolific cetacean (whale, dolphin or porpoise) in the world's oceans. Pods are primarily composed of females and their calves, but occasionally adult males are present as well. The Atlantic bottlenose dolphin's gestation period is 52-54 weeks, which means that this species spends around a year of its life pregnant.
Though Atlantic bottlenose dolphins are not endangered, they do suffer from negative interactions with people. To learn more about our dolphins, and the other animals at Marineland Dolphin Adventure, vist our Animal Guide. Download Dolphin Moon Night Stars Free Moonlight Leap Blue Wallpaper in HD resoutions for free.
Other characteristics of dolphins that make them mammals rather than fish are that they give birth to live young rather than laying eggs and they feed their young with milk. In these important nearshore habitats, Hawaiian spinner dolphins rest, care for their young, avoid predators and engage in reproductive activities vital to their survival.

They feed on organisms that rise toward the surface at night, such as small squid, lantern fish and small hake.
The Atlantic bottlenose dolphin is found throughout the Atlantic Ocean, and if you see dorsal fins from the beach, you are most likely seeing this species. Calves average 3 feet (105 cm) in length at birth and may weigh between 30-45 pounds (13-20 kg). Discarded trash in our oceans can be swallowed by or can become tangled around the dolphin. If you're using Google Chrome, you'll have to download the image to your hard drive and then set is as a desktop background by going to Control Panel -> Personalization. Also, like all mammals, dolphins even have a tiny amount of hair, right around the blowhole, which is a little different than the scales of a fish. Pods are fluid and members may move in and out throughout their lives, contradictory to the popular belief that dolphin pods are one family unit. A calf will nurse from its mother for six months to two years, and during this time the calf is solely dependent on its mother, as fathers are not present after conception.
Healthy diets are important for the production of a blubber layer, which helps keep the animal warm in cooler waters. Feeding wild dolphins is illegal and interacting with them can be dangerous to both the person and the animals involved.
They are the only mammals, other than manatees, that spend their entire lives in the water.

Although the maximum age is unknown, the spinner dolphin's lifespan is believed to be over 20 years.
Dolphins swallow their food whole, and their stomach has three chambers, which aids their digestion. According to the National Marine Fisheries Service, positive interactions with dolphins at professional facilities such as Marineland Dolphin Adventure can be a safe and wonderful way to increase people's knowledge and compassion for these amazing animals without negatively impacting wild populations. Read below how you can set this this image as the background of your desktop computer, laptop, mac, tablet or smartphone.
Tap on it and then then tap on the icon in the lower left corner and choose "Use as wallpaper".
The blowhole on top of a dolphin's head acts as a "nose," making it easy for the dolphin to surface for air. When observing spinner dolphins in the wild, the recommended distance for observation is 150 feet (50 yards) to avoid potential harassment.

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