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I’ve been wanting to get ink for the longest time but it’s SO hard to decide on something to start with! I did a similar post the other day and I got a very frustrated email from my mom begging me not to get a second one! March 27, 2014I have never gotten a tattoo and I never seriously thought about sitting down in that chair and the needle buzzing but I admire them from a distance. I really like the little bow, even if I always wanted on my wrist a little four-leaf clover formed by four hearts!
We must be on the same wavelength today because I wrote a whole post about how I feel about tattoos.

For everyone else going through the same problem, I share the contents of my Inkspiration folder with you. As a 23-year-old psychology student I show you the beauty and magnificence of life from my perspective which includes my lust for writing, my passion for fashion, photography, food, travelling and my loved ones. I think its partially due to my fear of needles and partially due to the fact that there are so many miserable tattoos out there, or really dumb ones haha. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo, but haven’t been able to make the permanent decision yet! Let me take you in my joyful ride with my eye for detail, where I can hopefully inspire you all with the hidden beauty of life.

Needless to say, we are totally ok with these beautiful works of art, even if they are permanent.

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