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There's lots of jailbreak tweaks and apps available in Cydia and weeding through them all can be a task.
Tapping into Settings every time you want to enable or disable WiFi or change your iPad's brightness can get irritating.
If you've got a Mac running OS X Mountain Lion, you're probably familiar with the way Notification Center works on it. Just like Notification Center feels half baked, so does the default way notification banners are shown on the iPad and iPad mini. While you could always wait for Apple to make improvements to banner notifications on the iPad, you can also download Emblem which solves the problem right now.
SwipeSelection aims to solve these problems by adding some additional functionality to the virtual keyboard. While these are our very favorite apps that we think really will enhance your iPad experience, everyone uses their iPad for different reasons. Non-Retina MacBook Pros are still being kept around because they are still important for Apple’s bottom line during this Retina transition. It's not uncommon for Apple to implement jailbreak ideas and concepts in future versions of iOS, but why wait when you can have them now? NCSettings adds quick toggles to Notification Center to quickly access settings such as brightness, WiFi, cellular data, and more. The only difference is that NCSettings just integrates with the already existing Notification Center interface which means less gestures to remember and more information and functionality all in one place. While Apple will allow you to download them on your iPad, they're tiny and when you expand them to 2x to fill the screen, they're grainy and look like crap. While it doesn't completely fill all of the screen like a native iPad app would, it makes it look a heck of a lot better and a lot more bearable. Simply pop into Settings and set up a gesture to trigger MountainCenter and you're good to go.

While they span the entire length of the top of the screen for iPhone, they don't on the iPad and again, feels like a super cheap port.
Instead of seeing the stock banners that don't look so great on the iPad to begin with, Emblem turns notification alerts on the iPad into OS X and growl like banners that will show on the upper right hand side of the screen.
Typing on it, especially when you make errors, can be daunting and slow at times unless you're using a keyboard accessory. For example, instead of using your finger to move cursor around with the magnifying glass, SwipeSelection simply lets you drag your finger back and forth or up and down on the actual keyboard to move the cursor position.
We are sure all of you have come across some pretty awesome tweaks that rank in your top 5. Grab one of these off-the-wall accessories and take your iPhone photography to the next level! The iPad’s dominance in the tablet market is a huge benefit for the iPad mini because it can take advantage of the best ecosystem available. I know it is for me, but that doesn’t make the iPad mini a bad device or a misstep for Apple.
Slide to the right or left to reveal Notification Center on the side just like you can in Mountain Lion. Even that can still be annoying when reaching for the screen to correct errors or add content. It doesn't seem like a big deal but when correcting and editing text, it's loads faster than moving your finger all the way to the top of the screen again. It's much more natural than double tapping the screen or tapping and then dragging a cursor around. The case is form fit and provides solid protection, and the holster lets you store the phone securely on your hip. Without a doubt, this is a huge improvement in screen technology that truly makes text and images come to life when they’re shown on these devices.

That said, Apple’s decision to ship the iPad mini without a Retina display was wise from a business point of view.
It is bigger and positioned farther away than an iPad or iPhone, but it’s still not a Retina-class screen. Nobody will be shocked if Apple releases a Retina-calibre iPad mini next year or the year after, but the current model is something that will obviously sell well right now despite the screen. There is merit to that, but it can get in our way if we’re myopic about a certain spec.
When a consumer is looking at buying a new tablet, they aren’t just looking at a single spec. The screen is good enough for now, and provided Apple keeps rapidly improving its tablet line, the lack of a Retina screen will be a tiny footnote in the history of the iPad. It's almost as if they took the default iPhone Notification Center layout and stuck it on the iPad.
If you receive more than 3 notifications, Emblem will combine them into stacks that you can scroll through instead of taking up half the screen with banners.
Nobody would be surprised if Apple announced a Retina Thunderbolt display in 2013 or 2014, but the current model is good enough for now. That said, you can get a good idea about how the iPad mini’s screen stacks up to the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD in this article by Dr.
If you don't take any action on a banner, it will simply roll away just like stock notification banners would. The screen isn’t perfect, but it actually comes out looking better than I had anticipated.

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