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Japanese car industry is facing considerable challenges due to new competition from India and China.
Japan is known as World of auto auctions, more than 150,000 vehicles are sold per week through these auto auctions. The Toyota Corolla had one of the most amazing sales in the history of cars; it sold a record number of 30 million cars before it was replaced by the Toyota Yaris.
Toyota has globally recalled, more than 8 million cars, due to problems in its different parts including brakes, accelerator etc.
Nine of the top rated cars in 10 categories, rated by consumer reports in 2010 were Japanese. According to a consumer report survey of 580,000 vehicle owners, ten most reliable vehicles and seven of the 10 best buys under $10,000 were built by Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi. Luxury cars, Honda Acura, Toyota Lexus, and Nissan Infinity are among the best selling Japanese cars.

Japanese carmakers have had great success in the USA, Japanese cars sells well because of their quality, reliability and fuel efficiency. The first big selling Japanese cars were small fuel efficient cars, introduced during the energy crisis in the 1970s. Nissan, Honda and Toyota produce cars in the US; they also make cars in Mexico for the domestic market and export. By the mid 2000, Japanese car makers began choosing designs that appealed to European car buyers and brought in European designers to improve their designs and made more diesel vehicles. The strong Euro and diesel engines, helped the Japanese car makers increase their market share in 2002, 2003and 2004.
Due to advancement in technology, most of the used Japanese cars are sold to underdeveloped countries.
The sales number of Corolla has been one of the most amazing events in the history of Toyota.

By the 2000, Japanese car makers were making their biggest profits from large cars and gas guzzling SUVs. Honda Accord and Toyota Camry have traditionally been the most favored by thieves, because they are sought after in foreign markets and provide the best market for stolen parts.
Japanese car makers sold a record 1.91 million units in Europe, in 2004 Japanese auto makers produce about half the cars sold in Britain.
Now, I cringe when I realizDanielTwo of my favorite cars made this list, the Civic AND the Fiesta.

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