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Japanese handsaws are quite popular nowadays so I thought I’d introduce those who may not be familiar, to a saw which I was offered last year.It is an ooga saw (?? The Ooga saw is large and heavy, really impressive in its size and drastically different from what I have always seen so far. The blade is hand forged with the characteristic tapering of the blade (blade is thicker near the teeth than near the top edge – which reduces the need for a large set of the teeth). I had to replace the handle as the handle that came with mine was completely rotten and falling to bits. Now for the usage, I tried it against a peach tree lumber which was lying around at my parent’s house and I have to say I was impressed. Here is a picture I took from this website where you can see a really impressive trick : 2 sawyers are resawing a large log.
I advise you to check at the above website, it is all in Japanese but the pictures themselves are interesting enough.
Oh yes, I am also told that with these saws, you sometimes spend more time sharpening and setting the teeth than doing the actual sawing itself.
Hi Blake,The woodblock print in the beginning is from the most famous ukiyo-e artist Hokusai (you know the famous prints with the mount Fuji you see everywhere, just search for ukiyo-e in google and your have 99% of chances that the first image that comes back is a print from Hokusai). I stand corrected.For some reason the Japanese characters got mangled in my post but are left intact in the comment. He he, I know how you feel, do you want me to talk to you about the yariganna (??), Japanese ancestor to the handplane (actually, I find it is a somewhat distant cousin to the drawknife). DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Parece que fue hace poco cuando Kanye West ponia fecha al primer lanzamiento de unas Yeezy Boost 750.

Hace unos meses Nike sento un nuevo precedente en su historia firmando el primer contrato de por vida con un deportista de elite. TO VOTE EITHER, OR…and I might as well not get excited till the final choices are presented ! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Japanese Rip Dozuki and Flush-Cut Saws The performance of these impressive little saws lives up to their fine appearance. You can also see that the teeth increase in size along the blade making for an easier cut in the beginning.
I shaped mine out of ash which is not the kind of wood that would have been traditionally used but which is what I had.
It took only about 1 hour to saw through the 9” thick trunk and I can say in honesty that about 60% of that time was actually spent in trying to find a proper way to hold the lumber while sawing it. I am usually a poor sawyer and tend to drift easily but with this saw, although I started at an angle, the sawcut remained perfectly straight.
They are sawing with 2 saws, one from each side and are synchronizing their actions so that they can saw a log which may even be wider than the blade of their tools (it forms an X pattern when viewed from above).
I have heard that a skilled user will tune the saw by changing the set of the teeth (and sometimes the sharpening angle) to match different species of trees.
Desde entonces, el exito de las Yeezy es un hecho indiscutible, hasta el punto de que otras marcas copiasen su diseno de una forma como poco cuestionable (ejem, Zara y Aldo), y de que la gente se gastase una friolera de 12,6 millones en eBay comprandolas. Developed for construction use, it readily cuts plywood, particleboard and PVC pipe, but can be used for fine work as well. Both saws are compact yet functional, with comfortable beech wood handles, nice balance, and an even cutting action.

The kugihiki is a small flush-cutting saw with numerous uses, from trimming the wedges or pins securing a tenon to cutting the excess from a plug concealing a screw — anywhere a cut is needed adjacent to a finished surface.
The dozuki has ripping teeth that work efficiently without compromising the quality of the cut.
You could put a straight edge on the resulting face and it looked as flat as you could dream. You will notice that they are holding their saw horizontally, which is a position I tried also when sawing through the peach tree.
I really appreciate you posting this interesting saw and especially the glimpse of lore behind it. Cuando la noticia fue anunciada, alla por diciembre, las “malas” lenguas decian que el precio podia haber ascendido a nada mas y nada menos que 500 millones de dolares, pero parece ser que esa cifra se encontraba muy lejos de la realidad.
A small bevel at the tip of each tooth shears the wood fibers; this enhances the saw's smooth feel and allows it to produce satisfactory crosscuts. Also, the surface was extremely smooth (it actually appears rougher in the pictures than it felt in real life), much smoother than what most bandsaws produce when resawing such a thickness. Actually, I started sawing vertically and switched to sawing horizontally in the middle and yet the saw cut was perfectly flat, rather amazing. There is no set to the teeth, allowing the user to approach work from either direction in restricted space.
The spine is slightly arched to provide additional stiffness since the blade cuts a kerf only 0.015" wide.

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