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The practice of decorating the body with tattoos dates back to the Stone Age and has persisted through the centuries. Tattoos are common in every part of the world, and in many cultures is associated with specific rites of passage. If you have a tattoo in Washington, DC that you wish to have removed, the cosmetic dermatologists at the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery can help. Schedule a laser tattoo removal consultation in Washington, DC to learn what removal options might work best and what results you might be able to expect. The mechanism behind a tattoo is simple: inks of various colors are introduced into the skin by a sharp instrument (usually a needle).
Although an estimate can be made regarding the number of laser treatments that will be necessary to remove a tattoo, it is impossible to predict the exact number of laser sessions necessary due to individual variations. If you have a tattoo you no longer desire, schedule a tattoo removal consultation in Washington, DC on K Street at the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery to learn how we can help. South Coast MedSpa also provides treatments for Los Angeles acne scar removal and San Diego laser hair removal patients.
Modern tattoo methods have become more advanced with intricate patterns and the use of exotic blends of natural and synthetic dyes to produce a wide range of colors within the tattoo.
The scant amounts of black ink or pigment in these tattoos can typically be removed in a few laser sessions. Unfortunately, many cosmetic tattoo pigments contain a reddish-brown substance (iron oxide or titanium dioxide) that can turn dark upon laser impact.
Depending on the size and distribution of the tattoo particles, it can take as little as a few to many laser treatments to clear the traumatic tattoo.
Dermasurgeons in Washington, DC can remove the tattoo ink particles in the same manner as they take out the pigment in a mole or brown birthmark.

To gauge this, a single small test pulse is often applied to the tattoo to determine the response before additional laser treatment is applied. The same lasers that target pigment in the skin also can reduce the tattoo particles to much tinier pieces that the body can eliminate or hide.
Because color is related to absorption of light energy, different lasers are used to remove different-colored pigments. Tattoos of the same color may also react differently because tattoo pigments may have different chemical compositions.
The proper matching of the type of laser as well as the parameters and technique to a particular person’s tattoo and the individual colors within their tattoo is critical to obtaining optimal results while minimizing the risk of side effects.
This is typically also the most cost effective way to remove your tattoo.There are many variables in tattoos. If you want to get rid of your old tattoo totaly, then offcource you need more laser sessions for the best result.
With laser tattoo removal the laser shoots the inkt apart and your body takes care of the rest.
Many of these are created using India ink which is usually one of the easiest types of tattoos to remove.
Colors are a bit more dificult to remove Wait 6 weeks between the laser sessions otherwise you create scares. Having a selection of different tattoo removal lasers and light energy devices typically allows the best removal options and also commonly it allows removal in the shortest period of time. Some medspas offer only one laser or have a limited menu of devices and also may have limited experience with tattoo removal.

This becomes especially important when dealing with cover-up tattoos where partial lightening with laser is desired before the tattoo is reworked with additional tattooing and this is becoming more popular and more creative in recent years.Despite advances in technology, there remain some types and colors of tattoos that cannot be fully removed. Also skin of color patients may encounter some unique problems in trying to remove certain colors as the lasers may damage the natural background skin color in certain situations.One of the newer technologies is the PicoSure™ laser. This laser is the first picosecond laser, which means that individual laser pulses are faster than for traditional QS Nd:YAG lasers. The PicoSure™ laser is being used to successfully treat stubborn tattoo pigments such as greens, blues, and purples, and is also typically effective for tattoos that were previously treated but not completely removed. These range from things such as gunpowder tattoos to various pigments from auto accidents or industrial issues.
There are also situations with gang related tattoos and we have a special program for these as well which you may inquire about.Many treatment options exist for tattoo removal but lasers have emerged as the dominant method for many reasons not only for efficacy but also due to risks of scarring, keloids and permanent pigment damage from some of the older methods. So seeking expert advice before beginning your tattoo removal treatment is always a good idea. The new Picosure laser may require as few as half as many visits to achieve similar results as the QS Nd:YAG lasers, but this also varies and we will discuss your tattoo with you during your consultation.

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