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Many years ago, Adobe introduced Multiple Master fonts that designers could use as the basis for creating an infinite number of fonts. A font subcategory is Dingbats such as the decorative character shown on the left from the Minion Ornaments font. There are dozens of terms type designers use to describe different parts of a character, some of which you can see here. Switching gears, one of the frustrating things when using Xara's Fonts drop down list (shown on the left) is it is often difficult to identify a font name that has more than about 20 characters. The latest version of Font Seeker now expands to let you search for fonts by Character, Style, and Type.
Most of you already know this, but for those of you who don't, when you type an apostrophe or enclose a word or phrase in quotation marks, Xara uses the tick marks for inches (quotes) and feet (apostrophe).

Windows has extended characters that let you use the proper marks and they are listed above. For a more complete list of extended characters including the copyright symbol and circle R registered symbols, scroll down to the bottom of the TIPS 4 page. Little people that appear to be made with putty stretching themselves in fun configurations to spell out words. A graffiti writer’s obsessiveness over each letter translated into an authentic graffiti font. A font saved in a Windows file would not appear correctly (or at all) on a Mac, even though both computers had the exact same fonts installed.
Once you've picked out your fonts, use our type arrangment guide below to decide how to layout and arrange your text.

Check our Artwork Submission Information page to find out how to prepare your files and send them to us! The Italics are leaning (lowercase leans back, uppercase leans forward) in order to do graffiti style “tick tock” lettering.

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