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There is very little available real-estate in the mouth for tattoo work and the inner, lower lip can make a small billboard for your art work. Although very few horses have an arm sleeve tattoo, many are branded on the inside of their lower lip. By adding brown and red pigments in certain ways, a woman’s lips can be made to look thicker or thinner than they really are, depending on the needs of the women. Lips are soft, protruding, movable, and serve as the opening for food intake, as an erogenous organ used in kissing and other acts of intimacy, as a tactile sensory organ, and in the articulation of speech.
In studies performed on the science of human attraction, psychologists have concluded that a woman's facial and sexual attractiveness is closely linked to the makeup of her hormones during puberty and development. A very unusual location for a tattoo, inner lip tattoos have been gaining popularity among young folks in the last couple of years. These brands have been applied to represent the owner of the horse in a similar fashion to cows being branded on their flanks. Some folks in the medical industry claim inner mouth tattoos are a health risk because of the fact they cannot heal properly. In addition, lips serve to close the mouth airtight shut, and to, hold food and drink inside, and to keep out unwanted objects.

As the mouth, lips, and tongue are among a woman's most erogenous zones, stimulating a woman's mouth and lips during acts of intimacy has been shown to elicit pleasure and to have a direct stimulatory effect on arousing her genital organs. Contrary to the effects of testosterone on a man's facial structure, the effects of a woman's estrogen levels serve to maintain a relatively "childlike" and youthful facial structure during puberty and during final maturation. Outer lip tattoos also exist as a cosmetic choice for better looking lips – usually used by women. It is also said that mouth or liner lip tattoos are some of the most painful in the business, so proceed at your own risk with this radical tattoo idea.
It has been shown that the more oestrogen a woman has, the larger her eyes and the fuller her lips.
One of her tattoos is a design with five stars on her lower back.  The stars are a symbolic tribute to her husband and her two sons.
For the real go getter an upper lip, inner tattoo can be done as well, along with a lower one, reading some thing like DANGER (on the top) and ZONE (on the bottom).
Surveys performed by sexual psychologists have also found that universally, men find a woman's full lips to be more sexually attractive than lips that are less so. Lips can also be used to suck in other contexts, such as tactile stimulation of other people.

A woman's lips are therefore sexually attractive to males because they serve as a biological indicator of a woman's health and fertility. As such, a woman's lipstick (or collagen lip enhancement) takes advantage by "tricking" men into thinking that a women has more estrogen than she actually has, and thus that she is more fertile and attractive. She has her husband initials DB on her wrist, and the date she and David first become lovers. Her latest tattoo is located on her wrist under the letters DB, it is said to mean “we think”. If she wants to catch up to David she has a little more ink to add, her shoulders maybe would be a good place to start?

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