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Bench, which is a popular fashion line in the Philippines, recently came out with some hair care products (sculpting wax, bond, molding clay, shaping cream, styling gum, etc.) that supposedly offer superior hold. SNEAK PEEK: During a repo at a construction site, Ron and Bobby get into a slippery situation. A highly charged repo forces the Lizard Lick crew to channel their inner action movie stars.
They wanted to convey the message that with these products, you can mold and secure your hair in any shape or style you can think of. These images were used to create print ads to promote that new line of Bench hair care products.

The only question left is…Where does a person go to find a hairstylist that can create this look?
There are a lot who claim to be able to pull off all kinds of creative hairstyles, but these look like they would require a real expert. If you are feeling really wild and crazy, you might even consider making your hair look like a gecko or a big fat spider, which is what you see below.
This is yet another example of some badass advertising, and this time, it’s all about creative hairstyles.
When people find hair sculpting products that work well, they usually stick with that brand and become loyal customers.

If Bench products really are that good, I have no doubt their new line will be very successful.

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