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The UI of GraphicSprings free online logo creator is very simple and provides a number of customization options to personalize logo as per you requirement. Also, on the website there exists no requirement to register an account and all visitors are provided with instant access. At present, GraphicSprings free online logo maker hosts about 500 different online logos in its gallery. Change the font of the logo-text using the dropdown in the top-left corner of the interface. The two arrows placed next to control for adding text can be utilized to increase or decrease the size of the selected object. The user creating free logo online over GraphicSprings must modify properly modify the logo and customize it in a way that it looses its original look. Complete the form below, and we'll send you an e-mail every now and again with all latest news.
Use a simple contact form and write us about your thoughts for our website or if you have any critics. We know it can be difficult to come up with a fresh image for each social post you create, so we’ve put together this list of amazing tools to help you create free images for websites, social media posts, blogs, and more.
While all of the resources on this list have a free version, some may require you to pay for additional features or access.
Below are some jump links to help you quickly navigate to the type of image you’re looking to create. There are dozens of free image editing tools out there that you can use to start altering, touching up, or creating your own social images. These are some of the best ones we found with simple web-based interfaces. Canva may be the most all-inclusive tool on this list. There are so many different design templates that make it easy for users to create images. PicMonkey is a fantastic tool for editing or designing brand new images for your social media posts. BeFunky is a photo editing tool that doesn’t require users to register, which is a big plus for a lot of people. Using an infographic maker is an easy way to share big sets of data in a visually pleasing way, which is one of the reasons marketers find them to be some of the most shareable pieces of content they create. Venngage has both free and paid accounts that make it incredibly easy to create and share your own infographics. Infogr.am is a great tool for illustrating big data and creating infographics that are ready for your audience. Reddit is a nearly endless source of information and resources for whatever you may be looking for.
Quozio is another tool for creating and sharing a quote design. The site does lack some sharing features that Recite has, which makes it more difficult to publish your quotes.
Cover photos are arguably the most important images that you’ll use on social networks. Pagemodo boasts more than a million users and has a lot of great features, like professionally designed themes, access to thousands of free stock images and shapes, and the ability to upload your own images. This site is equipped to help you create great photos for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Myspace. This is a site that allows you to upload a photo in order to resize it to perfectly fit profile image dimensions for various social sites.
This site works to incorporate your profile picture and cover photo into the same image, which helps create a unique look. Taking a screenshot of something on your monitor can sometimes be a quick and effective way to generate an image for a social media post. Jing is a free tool that lets you capture both screenshots and screen videos, which you can then easily share with a custom shortened URL via Screencast. Awesome Screenshot is a browser extension with a ton of great features for capturing screenshots.

Similar to Jing and Awesome Screenshot, Skitch also boasts great features for editing your photos on mobile — a big plus for social media managers and content creators on-the-go.
These types of tools are fantastic because they allow you to take all of the images that you already have, and crop them to meet the exact specifications of each social network.
With the Simple Image Resizer, all you have to do is upload a photo and choose the new dimensions that you’re looking for.
Picresize is another picture resizing tool, boasting more than 67 million resized pictures to date. Phhhoto is an application for mobile that lets you take pictures in motion, which end up looking very similar to a traditional GIF. Although memes can be overly informal, they can be a good way to connect with a lot of younger audiences if used strategically. MemeCenter includes a ton of different editing tools, which can make it a bit more complex to quickly create an original meme. Quickmeme features a lot of the trending memes right on the landing page, which makes it easy to create timely visuals that are likely to get shared more frequently. We chose to do a special section on Pinterest because we know just how great of a platform it can be for sharing your images and driving traffic to your website. The Pin It button from Pinterest makes it easy to quickly share images to your boards right from the web. Pinstamatic is a Pinterest creative tool that was built solely to help your efforts on this social network. Adding an image to your social media posts can help to not only tell a great brand story, but to also increase the engagement you receive from your fans. Great post with some very useful tools (that I plan to take advantage of!), but also awesome introduction! This post is full with all informative and helpful links that we frequently needed for doing any kind of editing to our images. Most of the photo collage maker are too slow when there are lots of photos to upload and adjust. Don't forget about Bannersnack - an all-in-one banner maker and advertising app where you can create images for social media, banners for online advertising and even make campaigns through them!
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In the following section, we have placed a short review on features of GraphicSprings online application to create logo online.
Next, spend some time browsing the gallery and deliver a click on the one you find suitable for your organization.
There will be a lot many people using the same logo with a minor variation and that may result in conflicts or confusion.
We have thousands of resources for free PSD files and we are updating our site to add them here. These image tools range from free to premium, and from desktop software to mobile apps, so there should be enough tools here to fit all of your needs. Canva also has social media templates, making it easy to create social media images, including: cover photos, profile pictures, posts, and advertisements. One of the best parts of PicMonkey is its blog, where it publishes fantastic guides to help you create your own free images.
The site has tools for making edits and adding effects, and even includes a collage creator. There are a number of great features available for free, but to access the full suite you’ll need a paid account. Sometimes you’ll be able to get a request done for free, sometimes you may have to offer a tip.

These sites will take a quote that you have and turn it into a beautiful image that you can go on to share on social.
The site has a ton of different design themes which will easily make your quote look great. Just plug your quote into the box they provide and choose a template.
You can pull photos from your computer, Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, the web, or any camera you have set up with your computer. It’s as easy as choosing a theme, adding your photos, choosing additional text and shapes, and letting them put it together. Some users may prefer this, and there are a lot of perks, like being able to create new images without having to be connected to the Internet. They have some of the biggest dimensions, and are usually the first thing customers see when they visit your page.
Simply upload an image from your computer, Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, the web, or your webcam.
Just like the Twitter version, you have the same ability to upload images from a variety of sources. Most computers and laptops have their own screenshot tools, but we listed some here that have some more comprehensive editing features.
Jing also has tools to edit the image that you’ve captured with text, shapes, and colors.
Its editing tools also help you to create helpful annotations and comments on top of an image. If you need those specifications, check out this guide to social media image sizes that we’ve put together.
Simply upload your photo, choose the networks and post types you’d like to resize your image for, guide the cropping process and download all of your new images. See how Sprout Social can increase your efficiency and help you engage with your audience with a free 30-day trial.
Though not all social networks allow GIFs to play in your feed, viewers can still click through to see them. Just make sure that you follow standard meme guidelines when creating one — incorrectly using a meme can lead to public ridicule. It’s a bit more difficult to immediately share to your social sites, so you may need to download the image and share it individually.
Simply click the Pin It button, choose a board to pin the image to, write a description, and you’re set! Just quickly type in the URL of the page that you want to submit, and the site will pull it in its entirety. There are a bunch of different tools like adding notes, photos, and music to your Pinterest boards. These simple tools will help you make sure you always have a unique image to share with your audience. So using the technology like HTML5 canvas and webcam (no flash required), making of huge photo collage is super fast. Click over it and within a few seconds you’ll be taken to the gallery for selecting one of the available logo icons to customize. The simplest suggestion to people interested in making logo over GraphicSprings is to ‘Avoid Using It …’. The ease of creating and sharing content make these a great tool for marketers posting frequently. They can be converted with another software, but I want to open them directly into an editing program.

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