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Note: Once Backtrack has loaded, you must type startx at the prompt, to start the graphical X environment.
Loki Entertainment Software??????,????????????? Linux ????? Linux ???????? 1995 ????,???? DOOM! Ever since the tiny $35 Raspberry Pi PC began shipping earlier this year, there's been virtually no limit to the fresh uses and extensions that have been envisioned for it. We've seen the credit card-sized device used in a DSLR battery grip, a Minecraft server, and a gaming console. The resulting device includes a 3.5-inch LCD screen and keyboard as well as a 64GB solid state drive, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, an integral touchpad, and a 10-hour battery. Full schematics and instructions for building the device are included in Morgan's post, as are STL files for the 3D printing and links to where the parts can be purchased. The total cost for the resulting device amounts to almost $400, but if you find a Raspberry Pi in your stocking this year, this could be just the project you're looking for.
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Katherine Noyes has been an ardent geek ever since she first conquered Pyramid of Doom on an ancient TRS-80. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Here's how you can install Windows themes and icons to make Linux Mint 16 look like Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. If you just moved from Windows or want to move from Windows to Linux and you like Windows interface, so here are themes + icons for your Linux desktop to make it like Windows. HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. Ubuntu has pretty good theming system, visual effects, and eye-candy stuff, but you may love the elegance of Windows 7 Aero class, transparency, or the Start Menu.
Of course, it won’t be an exact match, but it’s close enough that at first glance a lot of people would think it’s Windows 7. This will download a script file that will be used later to tell your computer what files to download to complete the Win7 theme packages install.  Once finished, a window will tell you that the installation will start now so just press OK.
This command will setup Win7 theme and your computer will start transforming into windows style immediately.
During the setup of Win7 theme script, a backup of the previous Gnome settings got saved in your home folder, so if you ever get bored of this theme, you can uninstall it and rollback to previous Gnome state.

In some cases when you try uninstalling the theme it won’t uninstall completely, leaving some Windows 7 icons or desktop wallpaper. NOTE: This will restore your gnome appearance setting back to the default like when you first installed Ubuntu. The wget command doesn’t need to be ran as sudo, and the only reason you would have to use sudo for the chmod is if you use sudo for the wget.
Also, there are a lot of really great themes out there that embrace the fact that Linux is not Windows. The aero theme takes up alot of memory on a Windows computer, and I usally turn it of eaven on my 8Gb ram LapTop.
I tried before a compiz theme similar to this, but all compiz themes appears appears unstable. After installing the bottom panel has disappeared also windows every second spring from below. DID YOU KNOW?Despite their reputation as deadly spiders, there are only three known cases in all of medical literature of fatal Black Widow spider bites.
Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. BackTrack is a Live Linux distribution based on SLAX that is focused purely on penetration testing. Since its release it's been enhanced with an optimized OS, an overclocking tool, more RAM, and an app store.
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This pack has Windows 7 and 8 theme and icons, there can be missing icons in this set hopefully creator will add new icons in next update. Now the terminal will begin downloading and installing the theme.  It may take some time depending on your Internet speed.
You can also use Windows 7 wallpaper for you desktop to give it a complete feel of Windows 7. Where can I get the first background wallpaper, where we see Ubuntu beside the broken Window ? It’s my pleasure to write for HTG and for you guys who support us with your nice comments and constructive feedback. First, there is a problem that I have in not being able to get documents to print on both sides of the sheet of paper even though I am using the only HP driver that Ubuntu seems to have. Make sure you typed the link correctly, maybe the was something wrong with your internet connection or with server you downloaded from.

When I click on Start>Shutdown, the popup has options to Logout or Switch User but no option to Shutdown.
After playing with Win7 theme for a while, now I want to remove it but I cannot since when I extract the files, it keep saying that I don’t have permission to write to the HOME folder.
I have installed the theme and everything works fine except for the windows, they do not look like they are supposed to.
Once installed, click on its icon in the top panel and choose Windows Manager > Metacity. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. They make non-Windows clone themes that show off the beauty of Gnome instead of hiding the interface behind a bunch of other software that’s unstable and changes the way a person has to work with their computer, also scaring off anybody that is new to Linux by finding the bugs in the non-default programs that make up the new scheme. Thank you so much…this makes it so much less daunting and everything for Ubuntu is still right at my fingertips.
This post needs some serious revision taking on board some of the other comments posted by your readers. It comes prepackaged with security tools including network analyzers, password crackers, wireless tools and fuzzers. You can even right-click the start button and choose “properties” to customize the start menu. I also use USB selector switch so that I can use 3 different computers and only one printer, that I can only find windows drivers for. I was only looking at this theme as a nice step for a friend to ease his way into Linux, I could never leave my own computer this way… too Microsoftish… but I will be putting it on his, excellent for that application, thanks for the theme!
Although originally designed to Boot from a CD or DVD, BackTrack contains USB installation scripts that make portable installation to a USB device a snap. I also don’t like the fact that I can not get more responsive movement out of my mouse and I have it adjusted to the fastest setting that Ubuntu will allow.
In the following tutorial, we cover the process of installing BackTrack to a USB flash drive from within a working Windows environment.

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