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The last thing I like to do when I get the label the way I want it is to group it together. Though fancy programs and machines can be really great, it is possible to make pretty labels just using Microsoft Word. If you want to use a label that is more like a sticker, Avery has many templates for their stickers. And just for fun, I’ve included a page of simple printable labels to get you started. Just curious… how did you make the shape on the top that says How to make pretty labels in microsoft word? Just stopped by your blog and the first two things I saw were Bible verses and Harry Potter.
Karen~ Just letting you know how much I look forward to each and every daily graphic email! Open the Tools menu, click on Set Canvas Size, and in the dialogue box that appears type 800 for width and 600 for height. You can of course change this to a smaller size when you begin a new file or when you next open Helios Paint.
The top text needs to be a duplicate of the shadow in everything but colour, so don't change any options. When you have the top text ready, press with the little hand and move the text onto the shadow.
The way that computers and typewriters space letters can sometimes look awkward compared with hand lettering. In the options, choose the Lasso and the Freehand cut shape which is right at the top of the dropdown list. Gently drag the new text so that it hides all but one pixel on the left and one pixel on the top.
Outlined text can be filled with a plain colour or with a texture and can look very attractive.

I usually like to make the outline of my shape a little thicker so that it is well defined when I print it out.
You get to have a fun color or pattern in the background, but you also get a clean white surface for your wording. I went with the 3 pt dark red outline again, and I chose to keep the fill color white, but you could always pick a color. Add your words, and change the size, font, and alignment like you would in a regular Word document. This allows me to move it around the page as one unit rather than trying to move each piece individually.
In my opinion, it is the simplest program to navigate, and it still gives beautiful, fully-custom results. I typically print mine out (with my home ink jet printer) on white card stock so that they’re sturdy and cut them out by hand. You would simply head to their website, find the template that matches the stickers that you purchased (you can search by the number on the pack), download the template, and create your design within the guides they provide.
There are so many things you can do on powerpoint and word that most people don’t know about! I need to do stuff like this for work all day long and I didn’t know about the grouping feature!!!
We’re doing a vintage themed wedding for my daughter and I stumbled across your site! In Paint you may have found this caused problems, but different programs use different methods, and the antialiasing in Helios works beautifully.
You'll see the little hand cursor , indicating that you can move the text box around the canvas if you need to.
Drag the control points until the marquee has the shape you want the text to have, then click the Do it button . Then click the Pencil tool in the Toolbox to cancel the marquee that now surrounds the canvas.

Click the Text tool in the Toolbox and in the palette click on the darkest colour you plan to use. You won't be able to see the whole thing, but don't worry; where one letter goes the others must follow. If it seems that the fill was not complete; that there's a whitish margin between the fill and the outline of the letter, click the Undo button in the Top Toolbar, then move the slider in the Paint Can options a little way to the right and try again. They’re perfect for getting organized, helping the Cs find what they need, and adding a pretty touch to a basket or gift. I would love to own a Silhouette one day too, but for now I just use my regular old labelmaker. I’ve tried to add this book to my collection many times over the years, and I finally was able to snag a copy at a decent price.
Whatever options you choose, you can change any or all of them while you are typing your text and until you click the Finish button . You might also click the Neighbour Rule button to tell it to colour pixels that touch only at corners. If I’m making labels with adhesive vinyl, I typically use my Silhouette cutting machine. Then right click on it (using the button on the right side of your mouse), this will bring up a box, select “save as” in the box and save it to your computer!
You can, of course, change the thickness again and again until you click the Finish button. When it comes to creating pretty paper labels, though, I can’t help but head back to my old stand by,A¬†Microsoft Word, for all of my label-making needs.

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