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We are looking for a make up artist based in London as have many events scheduled for the next few months (mainly launches and filming etc).
Zoe is a talented make-up artist with a refined eye for style and a passion for creative arts. This will be unpaid for the time being but work will be credited on the website, however there is the opportunity to work with the company once we receive investment. The front section is whipped into shape using a bigger hair piece and smoothed to perfection (V05 Control It creme). With a deep attraction to exploring the unknown, Zoe’s natural curiosity is ignited by the world of fashion and beauty.
There is plenty of emphasis on having perfectly shaped eyebrows these days, but drawing them on for that special occasion can be stressful and time consuming, not to mention ‘confidence knocking’ when you can’t get them right! This produces a much larger centre quiff and the ends are twisted and pinned neatly on top. My signature eyebrow makeover takes away the annoying ten or so minutes it can take to ‘perfect’ your eyebrow shape- not only for a party but every day onwards! As part of the treatment for an eyebrow makeover I will re-create your shape to ensure it is the most flattering to suit your features, fill gaps or give more definition, all of which will stay on the skin in natural looking manner. With clinics all over Essex and one in the heart of the city in London, please get in touch to day to book your consultation or treatment for bespoke permanent makeup on your eyebrows, lips or eyes.
I offer bespoke  permanent makeup services for eyebrows, eyes and lips at my Essex, London or Marlow Clinics. Tired of spending your precious time trying to ‘perfect’  the shape, only to have them melt away a few hours later ?
You can  wake up with perfect eyebrows every day, with a Permanent Make up Eyebrow Enhancement.  The 3D Hair stoke technique mimics the look of real hair, making it the perfect solution for ladies that have little or no hair, or gaps within the eyebrow. The most popular & most requested treatment I offer in permanent make up is the Eyebrow Enhancement, using 3D Hair Stroke design- in fact this is my speciality! This is the perfect treatment for ladies that are tired of drawing on their eyebrows suffer from lack of hair or gaps, or are simply ‘wearing’ the wrong shape for their face , I can re-design and reposition your brows to look the best they can for you- all day every day. Thankfully there are effective ‘grooming’ solutions to help make our life easier and ensure look we look good on the go, all day every day! Increasingly I have clients that ask for the ‘full face’ of permanent makeup to enhance the three main focal points of the face, the eyebrows, lips & eyes. The latest cutting edge techniques, combined with my experience and skill allows me to use permanent makeup to mimic the look of perfectly applied normal makeup, for eyebrows, eyes and lips, leaving you with subtle, natural looking permanent makeup to wake up with every day.
Common fears are that the face will look over done, but permanent makeup applied by the right technician with the right skill set is what you want it to be! My personal approach is to stay natural, within the realms of what you have, so that your permanent makeup enhancements will look good on the school run or gym for example, but can be ‘played up ‘with minimal effort needed for a look that suits a night out.
Starting with eyebrows, I will re-design and create the most flattering shape to suit your face, and then add natural looking hair strokes to define the brows, and add depth of colour.
This will automatically ‘make over’ the eye area, opening up the space between eyebrow and eyelid making your eyes look younger and fresher.

Working our way down to lips, the most popular treatment I give is my signature Perfect Pout Lip Treatment, which is fabulous anti- ageing treatment to define the lip border, correct any irregularities with the contour and give you the perfect cupids bow. The colour (generally a natural hue that works in synergy with your natural lip tissue) is blended half way down the lip to ensure the result is subtle, yet strong enough to make over your mouth, giving you the perfect shape lips, a beautiful wash of colour that makes lips a little more pouty & kissable! When all three treatment are finished, you return within 6 weeks to have the colour boosted & voila!
Perfectly applied makeup all day every day, and your ‘getting ready’ time probably cut in half or more! Lots of women are opting for Botox and other surgical solutions to turn back the clock when in my opinion quite often a simple re-design of the brow shape & position is all that is needed to knock ten years off of a face. Creating the perfect shape can be achieved with variety of methods such a plucking, waxing & threading, however once a perfect shape is in the position the addition of permanent makeup to define that shape and add depth of colour is what really goes on to transform a face.
Together we offer a unique treatment called The Two Step Brow Revival which is a two part process to totally ‘make over’ a client’s eyebrows. For the first part of the process, Rekha, with her incredible eye for detail creates the perfect shape, removing excess hair with her highly skilled threading techniques.   Once this is achieved the client will then come to me for the second part of the process, where I will work with new shape to create using cutting edge permanent makeup hair stroke & texturing techniques to compliment her creation Results are truly amazing, transforming a face, and what’s more it’s lasts!  Ladies what are you waiting for? Often ladies over pluck in the quest for the perfect shape, as they have no guidance on how to approach a brow or how to structure the shaping process. One of the most important parts of the permanent makeup eyebrow enhancement process is the shaping, as this is often why your client has approached me for my expertise in the first place! It is important that prior to the shaping taking place, an honest conversation take place between myself and my client. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss styles that will suit, flatter and maximise the beauty of the face. The shapes will be drawn onto the face with a makeup pencil, as close to the colour of your natural eyebrow hair and pigment blend that will be used to create your enhancement. This is so you have as close as possible replication of how your eye brow enhancement will look as permanent make up. The process may take 20-30 minutes whilst we experiment with shape, and often I will draw a different shape on either side of the face, both would be styles that the client can carry off. Once both my client and I are 100% happy with the new design will the tattoing process start! Although there are many high street makeup products that allow precise application you still have to take the time to get the eyeliner perfect and then the additional problem to keep it there all day without touch ups! Advanced Permanent Make Up techniques allow me to re-create the look of perfectly applied eyeliner wether you wear a subtle top & bottom line or the winged effect, it can be re-produced with permanent makeup.
Imagine eyeliner that mimics the look of perfectly applied makeup that stays put all day every day.
Before we start the micro pigmentation (tattooing) process a design is drawn onto the eye which you the client, will authorise before we begin. I am always asked is if the procedure hurts.  I always answer these questions honestly as I believe managing your expectation as my client is key.
It may also take a little time to adjust & relax to the process as the eye is closed and you will feel a sensation that you are not used to.

You will be made to feel comfortable and relaxed before we begin so any discomfort is always minimal.
After the permanent eyeliner procedure is finished the area may feel a little swollen and look a little red. Your eyes will then go through a healing process where the enhancement area becomes a little dry whilst the skin heals. This dryness is managesdwith a soothing, hydrating organic skin healing balm that you are given as part of your after care regime. You have a 6 week window to come back for your ‘colour boost’ which gives me the opportunity to check how your enhancement has healed, boost the colour & perfect the design if necessary.
You will then be able to enjoy perfectly applied permanent makeup & look your best 24 hours a day not matter where you are! A question that often arises from light haired ladies in search of the perfect brow is will they look too dark for my face and colouring?
Ladies are often nervous that a treatment will leave them looking too made up with over defined, over dark, fake looking eyebrows.
Working with a vast colour palette I create a bespoke ‘blend’ to suit every individual I am working on wether you are blonde, brunette, red head or glamorous grey,  a natural colour will be created to suit your hair eye and skin colour, ensuring the enhancement is perfectly natural looking. Shapes and colours are created before the permanent makeup is applied to the skin so your expectations have been adhered to & met. Once permanent makeup is applied to the skin it leaves a subtle natural shadow of colour that can be defined as much or as little as the individual requires.
A top up treatment is always required so as  the colour and finish of the permanent makeup treatment can be assessed and then perfected, ensuring you have the perfect shape and depth of colour to suit your requirement. During the consultation process colours can be matched and eyebrow shapes & styles drawn on the face to give a clear idea of the end result.
Whether you’re looking for more defined eyebrows, a beautiful eye enhancement or fuller looking lip, subtle enhancement can offer a natural looking permanent makeup solution to suit your needs. I don’t know if you really understand the journey I have been through with my illness. Feeling much more confident I am going jogging without worry of them disappearing form the sweat or the rain its just lovely cant wait to have them completed. I felt very reassured by her when she tattooed my eyeliner and even when I had a reaction and my eyes became sore she knew exactly what to say to reassure me and refused to cont… Tara Mackie Dearest Abi, I have been waking up every morning relieved to see GORGEOUS eyebrows!  I feel blessed to have found you. Fiona, London SE20 Thank you so much for the time you took with me yesterday and your patience too- eyebrows look fab!
I use to feel ugly an… Louise, 33 Hello Abi Everything’s perfect  am so pleased with my eyebrows Ive passed quite a few people on your details, friends mums etc they were very impressed with them!

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