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I’ve heard a bunch of different stories as it relates to the meaning of the Weeping Buddha and the true tale behind this beautiful statue. A long, long time ago there were two legendary warriors who confronted each other in numerous battles with neither getting the best over the other. Anguish and suffering tore through the older warrior like a jagged sword tearing through its victim and the man fell to the ground, the very life ripped from him, his chest heaving, he buried his face in his hands to hide the truth of what he saw as tears of dread poured from his eyes. It has been said that before young wood carvers can even think about carving the fine and delicate details of the human face they are given a challenge to carve something from a single chunk of wood. Others refer to the Weeping Buddha statue as a teaching tale whereby the Buddha is bent over weeping for the troubles of the world and in turn absorbing them and transforming them within his own being. The first time I saw the Weeping Buddha I was immediately mesmerized by the statues stunning beauty, strength and compassion.
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I just received a beautiful weeping Budhha from a very close friend of mine as a birthday present. Get the latest news, updates, deals and be the first to know about everything going on at Buddhaful Living.. Right away I was struck by the beauty, power and craftsmanship of this wooden Buddha statue. So in this article I want to share with you my first impressions of the Weeping Buddha, what it means to me when I see it and the various stories that I’ve heard over the years that try to explain its meaning. And that because the Buddha weeps for all humankind no one else shall suffer the same depth of sorrow as he. After many such battles where both skilled warriors failed to best the other, one finally prevailed and the younger warrior was killed. These young wood carvers begin their apprenticeship by honing their craft mastering the curves of the human body as portrayed by this statue.

Upon removing his opponents mask as to finally see who his worthy adversary was, the older warrior discovered he had been fighting and now killed his one and only long lost son. That it takes strength to come face to face with our own suffering and the suffering of the world.
That we do have the power, fortitude and inner will to get through whatever life throws at us.

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