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Teardrop tattoos are some of the most meaningfully significant tattoo designs that are done on the face. Choose from the teardrop tattoo ideas presented in this site to express your heart’s content in the best manner. The teardrop tattoo has had negative connotations, but the meaning has seemed to change over the years. It was initially used to convey that a person had spent time in prison, and typically the teardrop meant they had killed someone.
In Australian prisons, the teardrop was used to tag those inmates who had been incarcerated on charges of child molestation or other sex crimes. It is said that significant others of inmates may also wear the tear tattoo to stand in solidarity with their loved one while they are behind bars.

Outside of the prison theme, many people choose to get this tattoo to show the loss of a loved one, usually someone very close to them. Need an artist or shop recommendation?Give us a description of the tattoo you're looking for and we'll try to match you up with a great local artist or shop!
The decision of marking one’s own face with ink is not a light one, and people have their own reasons to do so which are often deeply personal.
Generally they would get the tattoo after they had left prison to symbolize their remorse for the act.
For example, if a teardrop is done with just an outline it represents the death of a friend, but if it is colored in, it signifies that the wearer has avenged the death of their friend.
Although there are no precise designs for teardrop tattoos, its significance depends on where it is placed.

They are also quite frequently associated with convicts, prisoners, gangsters, murderers, thugs or people who have served their time in prison. Sometimes the number of tear drops might indicate the number of people a person has murdered or the number of years a convict has spent in the prison. This tattoo is conventionally done in prisons without the use of professional tattoo equipments or ink.
Even though teardrop tattoos are traditionally associated with felony or loss of a loved one, nowadays people also sport them for their very own reasons.

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