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For someone who's searching for a positive outlook toward life, an arrow tattoo is ideal as it symbolizes meaningful direction or finding the right path in life.
Any youngster subjected to vacation Bible school remembers the story about God sending a rainbow to the world after the Great Flood. In my simple-minded youth, I took this to be synonymous with a big “do-over.” You know…a do-over is when something gets botched, and you get to try again. As a fat kid with a gruesome skin condition and a slight stutter, I wished with all my heart God would grant my life a do-over. Of course, that didn’t happen, and I was a little crushed when my Science teacher quashed the idea that rainbows weren’t a magical gift-wrapping accessory from God, but actually a product of light refracting off water particles.
The “rainbow body” achieved by some Yogi master’s is the highest state of illumination, enlightenment and realization. In essence, the rainbow is a symbol of reprieve – a symbol of hope and promise – a gift of grace. Cher incorporated the bird, peace sign, and question mark tattoos into a partial sleeve in May 2011, when she surrounded them with butterflies. On the back side of her wrist is another red heart, one of four on her body, but this one is part of a set of symbols. In January 2011, Cher tattooed a diamond on her right hand between her thumb and index finger. Later that month, Cher got a second red heart tattoo – this time on her ring finger on her left hand.

Getting a tattoo is a permanent commitment, and often times, people like to just grab any design that catches their attention; this can lead to dissatisfaction very quickly. And once you've made the decision, the next obvious step is to choose a design that brings a smile on your face.It is perfectly normal to get a bit overwhelmed with all the designs, patterns, styles, and placement suggestions. It may be that you don't necessarily have a meaning or symbolism in mind, but wish to get this tattoo because it looks good.
It is the penultimate level of samsara – a very big deal – and typically achieved at the time of death. Lots of images on a single page increases loading time and hurts the scrolling experience for desktop users. The skull has a diamond on its forehead, glowing red hearts in its eyes, and a single gold tooth. The placement of this tattoo is similar to her X-Factor mentor Cheryl Cole‘s tribal hand tattoo. The premise is that the tattoo will be revealed when you hold your finger to your lips to shush someone, though in Cher’s case it is mostly seen when she holds a microphone. Hanging scrolls are a unique form of displaying art that can easily be transported and stored.
So, think long and hard before you ink, and be absolutely certain that an arrow tattoo (or any other for that matter) is truly what you want. There may be hundreds of arrow tattoos out there, and with all honesty, they all look pretty amazing.What Does an Arrow Tattoo Symbolize?Considering other Native American symbols, an arrow can hold a variety of meanings and symbolism from one tribe to another.

Whatever your reason may be, do keep in mind that once the tattoo has been inked on you, it will stay with your forever. Cher told us that she didn’t want to get tattoos on the outsides of her arms because she thought that it was more feminine to do just the inside, but I guess she made an exception for the wrist!
As they were deeply spiritual people, using symbols and signs was a common means to communicate their history, facts, dreams, and ideas. And once the arrow is released from the bow, it launches itself straight ahead to something new, positive, and exciting. Anyway, in time to come everyone will have them and it will be all the trend, won’t it?
She shared a picture of the ink of her twitter with the caption “Happy birthday uncle boo, missing you. And depending on the way the arrow is depicted in a particular design, naturally, the meaning behind it alters.~A single arrow indicates protection and defense from anything or anyone wishing to harm you in any way. This area of thought implies the meaning of rainbows deals with: Attainment, unification, harmonization, elucidation.

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