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He explains that RiRi, who he says is “doing great,” wanted the phrase done in backwards writing so she would be able to read it in the mirror. Because this piece of body art is so personal to Rihanna, the pop superstar decided she didn’t want this new ink to be as obvious as the ones she already sports.
Of course, Rihanna already drew enough attention to Bang Bang and East Side Ink earlier this year. And then, only a few weeks later, ex-boyfriend Chris Brown paid a visit to East Side and did the exact same thing! In other Rihanna news, the New York Daily News is reporting that at the Vevo event two nights ago (where Justin Timberlake and John Mayer had a douche convention), Rihanna and JT stayed clear of each other, as if they didn’t want to be photographed together.
First the comment about sending your boyfriends nude pictures, then the crush on Megan Fox??
I really don’t see Covergirl renewing her contract with all this reckless sex talk and her cd is just as bad and also has violent lyrics in addition to graphic sexual references. To me, the douche in this story is the tattoo artist who sold his story to OK hours after he did the tat.
What happened recently for the sudden shift to place Rihanna in this “dumb” category?

I got a tattoo on my wrist earlier on in the year, to celebrate my life and to have something to always remind me of what I had gone through.
I think people need to grow up just because she got a tatt that means something to her has got nothing to do with anyone else get over it!!!!
OMG stop bashing her u guys are effin losers…she is young and she has been through some things and tattoos are body art so stop being ignorant!! The flirty bow tattoo designs below serve as the best means to accentuate your femininity and complement your skin with a memorable and voguish detail. Last night, the Rated R singer headed to NYC tattoo parlor East Side Ink — one of her favorites — and had her personal motto etched indelibly into her skin forever.
Back in July, she caused a bit of a problem when she took tattoo needle in hand and inked him and a couple other patrons during a late-night session.
She (laughingly) tries to get us to believe she uses her sexuality only for the good of womankind, and comes off just as desperate. It matters not what the hell she says or does as far as her comments about sex, the tattoos she gets, the clothes she wears. As much as I dislike Rhianna (CB not withstanding), even on urban blogs opinion is incredibily diverse where Rhianna is concerned, so your lame ass comment is presumptuous.

Her style changes with her artistic growth and if u don’t like her fine but STOP BASHING HER!!!!!!!!
From the tiny ones to the prominent and oversized bows, all look fabulous when placed in the best spots be it the forearm, wrist, the back of the legs or neck.
All she cares about is size, and sending naked pics to her boyfriends…yeah, I think I will defend her, NOT!
She shows as much skin as she can, she gets gun tats, flashy jewelry and a new album full of wannabe gangster-emo tunes. Chris Brown is the scum of the earth, an abuser who takes out his anger on people who cannot properly defend themselves against him.
She has the money, she can afford to change her look whenever she wants and she can get a tattoo if she feels like it. How many times did you change up your look because you felt like it when you were that young?

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