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One of the hallmarks of a great movie is the inclusion of an unexpected plot twist that makes viewers gasp in surprise and leaves them thinking about it long after the twist is revealed. Irish mob boss Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson) plants newcomer Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) as a mole within the Massachusetts State Police at the same time the police assign Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) to go undercover in the very same crime organization led by Costello for the same purpose. The film shocks viewers in a cruel twist of fate when Costigan is suddenly shot in the head shortly after capturing Sullivan, whom he discovered was the mole inside the police force. Con artist Roger “Verbal” Kint (Kevin Spacey) undergoes a police interrogation after he is one of the only two survivors of a massacre and fire aboard a ship docked at the port of Los Angeles that killed several known criminal figures. This Sci-Fi classic is famous for one of the most memorably shocking and iconic twists in movie history. This classic suspense horror takes an unexpected turn when it is revealed that the one committing the horrific murders at Bates Hotel is not Norman Bates’ mother as we believe but the peculiar Norman Bates himself, who murdered his mother years before the events of the film.
Insurance investigator Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce) suffers not only from the loss of his diabetic wife but a head trauma that prevents him from storing new memories. Homicide detective John Hobbes (Denzel Washington) discovers that the recently executed serial killer he helped capture was not actually the one committing the murders, but rather the culprit is a demon named Azazel, who hops from vessel to vessel by touch. Surviving humans George Taylor (Charlton Heston) and Nora (Linda Harrison) discover at the end of the film that they were not on an “alien” planet ruled by apes, but were in fact on Earth the entire time. Grace Stewart (Nicole Kidman) and her two children move into a remote mansion in Jersey during the aftermath of World War II and soon strange things begin to occur. New York City police officers David Fisk “Turk” (Robert De Niro) and his partner Tom Cowan “Rooster” (Al Pacino) investigate a series of murders committed by a man known as the “Poetry Boy,” a vigilante who takes it upon himself to kill criminals who escape the justice system. Throughout the film, the viewer is led to believe that David Fisk is the Poetry Boy, and that he looks up to his partner of 30 years, Tom Cowan. A down-on-his-luck account manager (James McAvoy) discovers he is the son of a recently-killed professional assassin and former member of a secret guild created to kill those will cause destruction in the future called “The Fraternity.” After an offer from Sloan (Morgan Freeman), the head of the guild, Gibson decides to join The Fraternity in an attempt to seek revenge on Cross, the assassin said to have murdered his father. This picture taken on April 22, 2013 shows Chinese director Zhang Yimou attending a commercial event in Beijing. Director Zhang Yimou, best known internationally for martial-arts epics like Hero, and House of Flying Daggers as well as the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics, is facing a fine of more than a million dollars for violating China’s recently amended one-child policy.
Zhang said he and his wife, Chen Ting, were ready to make a public apology for having three children. The director…has been at the centre of stories that he allegedly fathered as many as seven children from his two marriages and other relationships.
In addition to simply paying the fines, wealthy Chinese mothers have often been able to skirt the rule by traveling abroad to give birth.
The Chinese government amended the policy in November, allowing most couples to have two children, though this seems unlikely to quell anger over it’s unequal application. We set out to name the most famous movie in every state a€” a challenging and subjective endeavor.
To pick the most famous, we evaluated the state's prominence in the movie and leaned toward movies that were filmed in that location as well. I knew that a portion of Remember the Titians and The Mosquito Coast were filmed less than 25 miles from my house.
Not every film can achieve this with success and most twists are cliche at best but there are some that completely blindsided us and set the bar for films yet to come. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) is a child psychologist working with a young boy Cole named Sear (Haley Joel Osment) who believes he can see the dead. Kint is also involved in an investigation regarding the mysterious and well-known crime lord Keyser Soze who seems to be pulling all the strings. Traumatized by his mother’s abuse and possessive behavior, Bates develops an alternate personality where he becomes his “mother” and dresses the part before killing his victims. Marshal Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio), dealing with the loss of his wife and 3 children who were killed in a fire by arsonist Andrew Laddeis, travels to Ashecliffe Hospital for the criminally insane on Shutter Island to investigate the disappearance of a patient who was incarcerated for drowning her three children. At the end of the film we find that Teddy is Andrew Laeddis, a patient sent to the hospital for the murder of his manic depressive wife after she drowned their children. The Protagonist meets a man by the name of Tyler Durden, and soon the two form a Club for recreational fighting. After killing who he supposes is his wife’s murderer, Shelby goes on a hunt for the man that caused his head injury.

Before the end of the film, Hobbes learns that Azazel must find a new host soon after losing his previous vessel or he will die.
The family believes their new home is haunted by the dead, but the twist is that they are actually the deceased inhabitants haunting the house they live in. Viewers are later thrown for a loop when they find out that Turk is actually Tom Cowan and Rooster is David Fisk, revealing that Rooster is the Poetry Boy and not Turk.
The twist comes when a now specially-trained Gibson learns that Cross is in fact in his real father, who left the guild after discovering the evil intentions of Sloan.
Hao Haidong, widely considered China’s best-ever soccer player, was fined for having a second child in 2008.
Zhang’s 7 million yuan fine will hurt, though it could have been a lot worse for him. The movie's lifetime gross, its critical acclaim, and testimonials by our geographically diverse staff also influenced our decision.
An actress used to become popular for her acting capability, gorgeous figure, perfect skin tone, fair skin and appealing eyes. Or at the very least showed us that while it has all been done before, it doesn’t have to all be done the same. The movie takes another unexpected turn when Sullivan, seemingly getting away with his crimes, is shot in the head immediately after entering his apartment just as the credits roll. Verbal looks to be an unassuming character with cerebral palsy, but looks can be deceiving and at the very end of the film the audience learns that Verbal is none other than the mastermind, Keyser Soze, himself. Laeddis created an alternate personality to escape what he had done, and the events of the film are merely a part of a test given by the doctors trying to treat him. The pair are total opposites; the Protagonist a spinless, mediocre man and Durden a tough, exceptional fighter.
He isolates Azazel in a cabin, kills his current host, and then poisons himself to prevent Azazel from surviving. David Dunn (Willis) discovers he has a nearly indestructible body when he is the only survivor of a train accident that killed 131 people. Cases like his led authorities to raise the fines—formerly set at 10 times the local per capita income. While there's no place like Kansas, New York has inspired directors ranging from Martin Scorsese to Woody Allen to Rob Reiner.
Crowe actually died at the beginning of the movie, and is, in fact, one of the dead people Cole can see. However, they aren’t as different as we suppose, in fact, they are two halves of the same whole. Not believing his head injury and the resulting memory loss, his wife asks for repeated doses of insulin as an attempt to get him to break his “act,” but her game only results in her death when he continues to gives them to her. Soon after, he is approached by Elijah Price (Jackson) who believes that David’s supernatural indestructibility parallels his own odd physical state. The 50,000 yuan ($8,240) fine paid by Hao didn’t exactly break the bank for an athlete making more than 5 million yuan per year.
But here e in this article we will only talk about Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Actresses in 2014 who proved themselves by time.
In an O-M-G revelation we discover that voice narrating the film we believe belongs to Hobbes actually belongs to Azazel, who possessed a nearby cat just before Hobbes died. Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston was born from a family with Hollywood background, hence she become used to the glamor world in her early days. She become popular as Rachel Karen Green for her contribution in television sitcom Friends. Her best box office success came from the filmA  Bruce Almighty and people started to recognize her as a seasoned actress.

Some of her greatest hit films are Rumor has it,Derailed, The break up, along with Bruce Almighty.
Aniston deserved 10th place in our most Popular Hollywood Actresses countdown due to her immerse beauty and simplicity.9. Jessica AlbaThis 32 year gorgeous lady holds 9th in our Top Ten Popular Hollywood Actresses list due to her popularity and beauty.
Like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba also started her career with TV shows and later moved toward cinema. Popular TV series Dark Angels provided her the platform to start her film actress career and after that she just boomed Hollywood with films like Sin City Honey,Dark Angel, Fantastic Four. She touched the high skies of Hollywood at a very young age (Her debut was with film The Wind in the Willows). The acted on several TV series and movies such as Crazy Stupid Love, Zombieland, Easy A, The help.
Due to her popularity and past performances Cameron Diaz secured 7th in our Most Popular Hollywood Actresses in 2014 list.6. Scarlett JohanssonScarlett Johansson – 6th popular Hollywood actress in our list due to her multitasking capability in Singing, Acting and modeling field.
She won twoA BAFTA award for Best Actress in a Leading Roll and a couple of Golden globe nominations.
Due to her immersing sex appeal capability she is considered asA  Hollywood’s modern female sex symbol.
Mila KunisMila Kunis was born in Ukraine (Then USSR), and at the age of 7 she moved to Los Angeles with her family. Mila Kunis was nominated for five Academy awards, but unfortunately she didn’t win any of them.
In the year 2003 she was paid whoopingA  $25 million as fees for her role inA  Mona Lisa Smile. Along with several other awards she won Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, and Academy Award. After starting her career in 1993 she was nominated for more than 100 awards, and among then she won many of them.
She wonA Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the drama Girl, Interrupted.
Angelina Jolie also awarded 3 Golden Globe awards for Girl Interrupted , Gia and George Wallace.
Along with Golden globe and Academy she was nominated for several other awards.She performed several nude scenes in her career.
Angelina Jolie had performed completely naked 8 times in her Hollywood career and they are as follows: Original Sin, Mojove Moon, Foxfire, Cyborg, Cyborg 2, Taking Lives, Pushing tin, and Gia. Due to her aggressiveA  Sex appeal, Beauty, Boobs and acting : Angelina Jolie is the top and most Popular Hollywood Actresses in 2014. This Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Actresses in 2014 list may vary person to person due to their taste of movies, and surroundings.
We tried to be neutral to these factors while mapping this Top 10 Popular Hollywood Actresses in 2014 list.

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