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I always wanted a native American feather tattoos, and this one is pretty, but I am afraid the feather extensions craze lessened my want for this one. I always wanted a feather tattoo, and this one is pretty, but I am afraid the feather extensions craze lessened my want for this one. Kokopelli is a fertility deity, usually depicted as a humpbacked flute player (often with feathers or antenna-like protrusions on his head), who has been venerated by some Native American cultures in the Southwestern United States. Native American heritage, Celtic tradition, dreamcatcher ornament, angel signature: all these things and many more are represented by the feather. Many Native American tribes adorned themselves with traditional Native American tattoos, some that were various tribal symbols and others had many different meanings among the Native American culture.
Many tribes have a specific marking or animal that they would have tattooed on them to show pride in their tribe and culture.
Native American tattoos were applied by a Shaman or another designated person within the tribe who was skilled in applying the tattoo with the care for some of the intricacies involved in some Native tattoos.

Feather tattoo designs for LA girls have been popular all around the world, since ancient times.
As we see, feather tattoos can have diverse meaning according to the context in which they are use and the type of feather depicted. Many traditional Native tattoos also held mystical and spiritual meanings to the Natives who wore them. Sometimes having a tattoo was a tribal ritual for some of the different Native American tribes. There are Native American tattoos that symbolize many different things, such as a young brave getting his first kill or a Native American warrior being heroic in a battle. Some of the early Native cultures believed that having a specific tattoo could supply them with supernatural powers and strengths.
The tattoos would be done by using sharpened rock or bone to carve the tattoo into the skin and then they would use natural dyes that were usually made from various plants and sometimes even soot to fill the tattoo with color. Many Native Americans would tattoo a representation of an animal whose strength they wanted to possess.

Some tribal figures will have their whole faces tattooed and among some tribes having permanent tattoos might be symbolic showing that they are believed to have great mystical power.
In modern day society Native American tattoos are still very popular and you can see people almost everyday with tattoos of dream catchers, Indian feathers, and even things such as totem poles. There are also many people that still get the traditional tribal tattoos of their tribes to show pride in their line of lineage within their tribal history. There are places where you can still have your tribal tattoo done in the way the Natives did it throughout history and sometimes visiting an Indian reservation you might be able to find someone skilled in old world Native tattooing.

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