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Octopus Tattoo, aka squid tattoo is one of popular aquatic animals tattoos for both men and women. Octopuses have almost entirely soft bodies with no internal skeleton, which make them vulnerable to their natural enemies. Octopus also appears in the culture of history, which is evidenced by some artworks of the Mediterranean people and the Moche people of ancient Peru. Their natural wonder aside, octopi have been a part of many cultures and have been portrayed in monstrous forms in mythology. As a creature of the water, octopus possesses some of unique attributes which are meaningful to our humans.

Octopuses adapt to survive in the aquatic habitat by squeezing through very narrow slits between underwater rocks.
Octopus tattoos surely bring the symbolic animals to the public and revive their spiritual life to all people who love them.
With no skeletal system, they can squeeze in between tight crevices and escape natural predators.
I ALSO ASK TO PLEASE RESPECT THE WEARERS OF THESE TATTOOS IN THE PHOTOS AND DO NOT DIRECTLY COPY THEM AS EACH TATTOO DESIGN IS PERSONAL TO THE WEARER. Males can only live for a few months after mating, and females die shortly after their eggs hatch.

It is their tentacles, however, that cause them to be a looming threat to other sea animals.
Here is the collection of 55 awesome octopus tattoo designs, which may sparke your tattoo ideas. Many people choose to have it drawn in a realistic style with dark ink, but several others choose a more classical maritime version to accentuate its undersea tone.

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