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La psicoterapia en linea, online, tambien conocida como e-terapia, e-asesoramiento, tele-terapia o cyber-asesoramiento, es un fenomeno relativamente nuevo en materia de salud mental en el que un psicologo o psicoterapeuta proporciona asesoramiento y apoyo psicologico a traves de Internet. Es importante tener en cuenta que, aunque en muchos sentidos, la e-terapia comparte algunas similitudes con la terapia presencial, la terapia en linea no puede, por el momento al menos, reemplazar a la terapia tradicional. No obstante parece ser un magnifico medio para ofrecer orientacion y asesoramiento psicologico a las personas que sufren problemas en sus relaciones, en el trabajo o en cualquier otro ambito de su vida, y existen ya algunos estudios que afirman la eficacia de esta forma de terapia para trastornos comunes como la depresion o la ansiedad. La e-terapia tiene sin duda sus limitaciones, pero se esta convirtiendo en un recurso importante para un numero creciente de usuarios. In the recruitment industry, it is common knowledge that Consultants will Google you, look at your social media presence – including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. If you are about to commence your job search, it’s a good time to consider and potentially clean up your online profile to make sure it is consistent with the image you want to project. You can use monitoring sites such as Reppler, which give an overview of how others may perceive your online brand.  See below.
There are just some things that are best kept private so check your privacy settings, especially on Facebook. It is quite common for us to view resumes and then find that LinkedIn profiles don’t match in terms of dates and even employers eg: they are jobs missing altogether. Your professional image extends far beyond the people in your immediate network and the people you met face to face today. Take control, manage your online image and ask yourself what would you think of this person? Subscribe for regular leadership insights, discussions and real-life examples on all things people and performance. I am in the process of coaching an emerging leader in a large service based organisation and this week he had a break through.

Esto puede ocurrir a traves de correo electronico, videoconferencia, chat online, o por via telefonica. A pesar de que hoy en dia se adolece de cierta falta de investigacion sobre la eficacia del tratamiento en linea, la terapia online ofrece a los profesionales de salud mental otra forma de prestacion de servicios a sus clientes. The days following have seen many stories about depression and the role social media can potentially play in these situations.  This got me thinking about the role that social media plays in creating your online image during the recruitment process. This is not new and most hiring managers will do this at some stage in the process to gain a broader understanding of who you are and to do some fact checking.
In 2 minutes it gave my Social Media Image Score 86 by analysing my posts and posts by others in my network showing my most commonly used words. All your information needs to be consistent across platforms because otherwise the obvious question is which one is correct, why have details been omitted and why is the information different?
Your professional reputation can certainly be at risk if you aren’t paying attention and consideration with what you put into cyberspace.  Also consider that your employment status might be on your Facebook page and this in turn can have a direct impact on your employer’s brand depending on what you are posting and liking.
Your professional profile exists on-line and grows every day – sometimes without your knowledge.
La terapia en linea puede ocurrir en tiempo real, y asi se desarrolla en conversaciones telefonicas y salas de chat o videoconferencia en linea, o en un formato retardado en el tiempo, tales como mensajes de correo electronico. Is there any content you weren’t aware of through testimonials you may have made, groups you may have signed up for? Restricting access and managing settings is important to maintain control over what is being put up on your page.  Test it! This means as well as controlling what you don’t want the public to see, you can also control what you do want them to see.  To be consistent with this image, you can like pages that represent your professional interests, you can follow people you admire, join groups and build a LinkedIn profile that reflects your key strengths and expertise.

There may be a logical and fair explanation – but you may also not get the opportunity to present your case. I certainly know of cases where employees have been reprimanded in line with corporate social media policies when their personal content on Facebook has been questionable.
Are you even aware of your privacy settings and what the general public can see or not see? I remember finding someone claiming I was a client of theirs in the past, when in fact I hadn’t ever engaged their services.
You can also be notified of potential risks and issues via monitoring sites – it’s about being aware and maintaining control. Are you “liking” controversial Facebook pages that could be a questionable culture fit for a new employer? These are the questions that I guarantee are being asked when potential employers do some fact checking of their own.
Are you having heated debates on Twitter or posting contentious photos of your weekends out on the town? Think about it – the image you portray is an important message you send to the external world and impressions can be made instantly.
Be ahead of the game and take steps to ensure the impression you are creating is positive one.

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