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The orchid tattoos presented above are sure to look good on you no matter where you choose to wear them. Orchid flower tattoos are the only flower tattoos that combine both femininity and masculinity.
Because it may be difficult to decide which orchid flower design to settle for, ita€™s advisable to have a temporary tattoo which you can then wear for maybe two weeks. Females on the other hand embrace it due to its association with beauty, refinement, charm and luxury. Among orchid flowers other meanings is a sign for progeny, a love portion and also a highly acclaimed aphrodisiac in many parts of the world. The most common orchid flower tattoos are the miltassia orchids whose petals are a soft pink.
Other interesting body parts where you can have your orchid flower tattoos are the lower back, tummy, arm or the ankle. Aztec culture: do you know that vanilla (a type of orchid) was used by Aztecs too for power? Orchid flower types: Vanilla (Vanilla was introduced to Europe by Hernan Cortes in 1520), Cymbidium, yet many others.

Some Placement ideas - behind your ear, on your ankle, on your chest (mostly for men, but for women too), maybe on your foot, on your leg, etc.
Although orchid tattoos are mostly worn by women, men can also be seen sporting them from time to time.
Indeed, the Greek word a€?orchisa€? from which the name orchid is derived means testicles, which is literally mana€™s power. Women are also more sensitive to nice fragrances, and the orchid flower gives such a sweet smell.
Orchid flower tattoos are also appropriate for those who wish to express their strong nature and inner strength in particular. They are a popular flower tattoo choice because of their beauty and brightness in color when engraved into your body.
For those who may be afraid of the pain that comes with getting a tattoo, or those who dona€™t like permanent marks on their bodies, there is the option of fake orchid flower tattoos. Some of the most predominant colors observed in orchid tattoos are pink, red, orange, yellow and blue.
Their boldness of orchid flower tattoos gives character to whichever part of the body you choose to have them engraved.

With so much sexual symbolism, ita€™s no wonder that men have taken a liking for the orchid flower as a tattoo. There are also dual colored orchids such as the barkeria and the brassidium which will look good on many parts of the body.
Because orchid flower tattoos are so enchanting, you can keep getting a different shape, color and size of your fake tattoo. These flowers are often associated with sexuality and fertility and are said to represent the sexual organs of men and women. In countries such as China, Egypt and Germany, the orchids were believed to have the qualities of aphrodisiacs or love potions.
Other ideas that can be represented by these tattoos include beauty, refinement, virility, luxury, death, harmony, royalty, innocence, elegance, purity, delicateness and mystery.

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