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I’m always on the lookout for attractive pre-made shelving that could be used to create cat climbing walls. These little shelves are only 4? deep, so they might not work with larger cats, but petite cats could use them to navigate a narrow space, like a hallway. Some of these shelves may not be big enough for cats to curl up on, but they could be used to create the lanes of your cat climbing wall, linking from one destination point to the next. PLEASE NOTE: You may have to add extra supports to some of these shelves to make them safe for your cats to climb on. Most importantly, watch your cats to see what they like and make changes to accommodate their preferences.

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I would encourage anyone on a budget who’s looking to catify their home to start patrolling thrift stores for climbing and highway components. If you do create a custom cat climbing wall, please send in your photos, we’d love to see it!
Recently I found a solid wood corner piece very similar to #4 at a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for $5.00.

I will have to buy the hardware to hang it of course, but even if I spend $20 on that I’ll have a nice shelf for my cats at less than half the price that Amazon is selling it for.

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