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Now that summer is officially here with holidays and vacation approaching we all look to whip out our cameras or smartphones to capture those special moments no matter where we are.
Little Boat Studios, formerly ReFocus Tech, has now released a new app for BlackBerry 10 called Ripple.
BlackBerry has announced that BBM will be the first messenger app to add support for the 'Colbert emoji' from the Unicode Consortium. Following up on our video posted of the BlackBerry 10 photo editor running on the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha, a new set of slides also showing it off have now popped up. Again, it's important to point out none of this should be considered finalized at this point in fact, the slides slightly differ from what we saw in the video but after all this time, it's nice to see the pieces of the BlackBerry 10 puzzle coming together as they should. That enhance feature will finally allow us to turn our grainy photographs into crisp clear imagese of license plates and facial features. I love the sliding gesture transition of the effect on the photo so you can see the change and can compare.
Since the day I picked up my first BlackBerry, the camera has always functioned as main camera more than the point and click ones I've owned and even more than my DSLR. If so, Amzer’s Pudding TPU case is a great option, as it is form fit and doesn’t add a ton of bulk. It includes a face with a raised eyebrow and resembles the same one used by late night talk show host Stephen Colbert.
If you use Blackberry, there are a lot of apps out there as well that can turn your Smartphone into a feature-rich device you can use to record videos, take high quality snapshots and edit and share multimedia on several social platforms directly from within the app.Have you ever wished you were able to edit and share photos on Facebook, Blurb, or on any other social network right from your Blackberry device? In them, you can see the issue RIM is facing with the form factor choices between the N-Series devices and the L-Series devices but aside from that, you get a good look at the app and how interactions will work with it. It always felt like (in the past) with all the different form factors they were just slapping on the same OS. Being able to point, shoot, and edit an image instantly is one of the features I love about my BlackBerry. It will still prevent scratches and help with small drops, and the best part is that it’s only $3.95 today!

There are other applications for BlackBerry smartphones that can help you live an easy and efficient life. Now you can wish no more!Here are the top 3 Blackberry photo editing and sharing apps that will turn your photo editing and sharing activities into a bliss.1.
With the overabundance of photography applications currently available here are just a few to get you started. Photo Share Social Photo share social is a blackberry app that will enable you to share your photos across multiple social platforms without having to launch individual apps.FeaturesIt enables users to share their favorite snapshots with friends and family on facebook, twitter and BBM just from within a single app. Of course, more advanced image editors available for desktop computers and laptops and they can give you an extensive array of tools and features, but a BlackBerry photo editor app can assist you in editing photos using basic tools while you're on the go.
No need to waste time opening and closing individual apps when you should be networking and having fun.It supports all Blackberry models including Curve, Bold, Tour, Style, Storm and Torch.
It supports ClipArt so you are assured that no matter how dull or uninteresting a photo is, you can still put some color and life into it by adding fun and cute ClipArt images. You can also add text and word balloons if you're feeling really creative with images and words. It's perfect for casual photo editors, beginners and anyone who just wants to have a little fun with photos while they are on the go. Picture Magic lets you add images to your photos like arrows, funny eyes, balloons, facial hair, shiny jewelry, glasses, weird masks, text and word balloons. You can now purchase PicMix credits through more carriers.PicMix also allows users to share their photos with friends on facebook, twitter and BBM.
Additionally, you can even set your photos as your BBM or twitter profile directly from within the app.PicMix comes with an amazing support. Now it's easy to make your family photos exciting and turn your friends into flamboyant celebrities. You can even use Picture Magic to put some life into your presentation materials and to create greeting cards.
Most of the users I read their reviews described this app as the best for Blackberry… combining many awesome features, filters and control options together.

With touchscreen support, you can make sure that you're doing exactly what you want to do without making a mess of your photo. Additionally, you can also adjust the brightness of the image, and the contrast according to what you desire.Most people these days prefer adding the red eye effect to their photos. With several colors, 16 to be exact, and 4 stroke sizes, you can do finger painting right on your smartphone. Bright Camera allows you to do this with the ability to also adjust the saturation and add hue effects.Bright Camera is perfectly integrated with facebook, pinterest, and BBM allowing users to share their photos directly from within the app. This BlackBerry photo editor app lets you take a photo from right inside the application so you can start drawing on it.
With Bright Camera version 2.5 released on the 24th April 2013 and already with over 2,500 positive reviews and a dominant of 5 star ratings, this seems one of the best Blackberry apps you need to have in your arsenal.
If finger painting on a photo still does not float your boat, you can use Doodle's four image effects, Invert Colors, Grayscale, Infrared and Sepia, to spice up your image.
Many users love that it comes with multiple social media integration while allowing them to play with their photos with cool effects and filters.If you use Blackberry Smartphone then you should be at large editing and sharing your favorite snapshots with these 3 apps.
Saving your works of art is as easy as clicking a button and starting from scratch is as simple as shaking your BlackBerry. His focus is on online photo booking, cloud printing and online backup.A post by Kidal Delonix (1537 Posts)Kidal Delonix is author at LeraBlog.
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