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Here, I will introduce Photo Slideshow Director HD, which is a popular iPad photo slideshow app. As its name indicates , Photo Slideshow Director HD is a slideshow maker which enables you to turn your photos into a dynamic and fantastic photo slideshow with music, transitions, pan&zoom effects and more effects. This entry was posted in Best ipad slideshow app and tagged best slideshow maker for ipad, ipad photo video app, ipad slideshow app, make photo slideshow on ipad, slideshow software for ipad on November 30, 2012 by Sarah Jablich.
If you just want to make a simple slideshow with music, just touch the Music icon to add music from iPad music library and sync slideshow to musict, the app will automatically apply random transitions to photos. Choose Facebook, a window will pop up, asking you to enter Facebook login information to sign in. Because Picasa  does not have iOS version now, many people are wondering how to view photos in Picasa web albums on iPad.
Also you can add background music, choose a theme, set transitions and pan&zoom effects for your video  by touching corresponding options.
Then tap another photo from the photo thumbnails list at the bottom of the screen to add subtitles on the picture. If there are many photos in your Facebook, and you want to create a slideshow using Facebook pictures, the following tutorial will give you some hints.
Because Facebook can not show photos in slideshow, you need a slideshow app which supports Facebook and can import photos from Facebook, then create a slideshow with your Facebook photos.
Photo Slideshow Director HD is an iPad slideshow app which can directly use photos from your Facebook and convert Facebook photos into a stunning  slideshow in minutes. After finishing adding Facebook photos, you can begin to create a slideshow with these photos.   What can you do to customize the slideshow?
The slideshow software has a powerful photo editor which can help you fix your photos and make your photos perfect. You don't need to physically show the photos stored on your iPad to friends and family, or even email them individually.
Deleting the masses of unwanted photos is usually one's first step when trying to clear up some storage space on their iPad.
Read more about Why didn't my iPad's available storage increase after I deleted photos? Photo Stream allows you to automatically upload images to iCloud and share them with family and friends. Other features include: a powerful editing toolbox, smart Color Splash tool, and the ability to create and order postcards.
With the best image photo editing software, you can edit photos from iPhoto library and Picasa, Facebook and Flickr web albums.
These photos editing functions can make your pictures more attractive without blemish .You can add text and subtitle for photos which can used to express your feelings.
Also you can edit photos by taping one of photos from the photo list which is at the bottom of the screen. It makes photo slideshow video on iPad easily, create slideshow with music, slideshow themes, transition effect. Photo Slideshow Director HD is an easy and professional photo slideshow and photo editing app for iPad users to create stunning photo video with many effects. I can’t speak for the iPhone users, but as an iPad owner, I know that there are only 4 editing features in the camera app: rotate, enhance, red-eye, and crop.
So what should you do if you want to have fun with your photos and add interesting filters, effects, and enhancements – besides the basic features that the iOS camera offers?
Augmented Reality Cartoonizer lets you add various effects to your photos including a cartoon effect. Cartoonize allows you to quickly add a cartoon effect to your photos with one tap; you can continually increase the cartoon effect until you’re satisfied. Cartoonizeme lets you add funny elements to your images such as mustaches, eyebrows, hair, accessories, and dialogue balloons (which can be customized with your own text). ToonPAINT doesn’t just convert your images and apply filters, it also lets you color in your images by painting with your fingers. Photo360 includes many different tools that allow you to edit your photos by adding frames, cropping, rotating, changing the colors, and adding text. Paint FX is an advanced app with filters, effects, enhancements, and more that can be applied to any parts of your images with just a tap or swipe. FX Photo Studio is the ultimate photo editing app and includes almost 200 effects and filters. Sketch Camera Pro is another simple app that comes with three filters: sketch, gray scale, and negative. SketchMaster gives you the best of both worlds; you can create images that are part sketch (basic, sketch plus, or black and white) and part original color. SketchMee will sketch any photo from your library into a pencil sketch, right before your eyes. Sketch Camera includes 6 conversion patterns and can add illustrated effects to your images.

BeFunky comes with over 50 high quality photo effects and 40 photo frames to add to your images.
Photo Power is a powerful tool that includes numerous filters, color adjustments, and other advanced features.
Pholeido for iPad lets you add all kinds of special effects to your images with the tap of a button or by using your finger.
RoughSketcher for iPad, is for those who are looking for a very simple and easy to use app. Kromatik is a color effects app that lets you use your fingers to retouch your photos and add color to different areas.
Artwork Studio isn’t just about sketches, you can also transform your photos into oil paintings, comics, and pop art – in just one click.
Make use of your photos in iPad and Web Albums, create a photo slideshow video with the app, then publish the slideshow video to Facebook and YouTube for sharing with friends. Photo Slideshow Director HD can download photographs from Picasa, turn Picasa photographs into a slideshow, then directly upload Picasa photograph slideshow to Facebook. You can use it to turn Picasa photos into an amazing slideshow with transitions, music, pan&zoom effects, slideshow theme, text, subtitles and more effects.
Having adding Picasa photos to the app, you can turn these photos into a stunning slideshow with kinds of effects.
Photo Slideshow Director HD is just such a multifunctional photo organizer, editor and slideshow viewer for iPad.
Other photo editing features including brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, orientation, cropping, drawing, whitening, blemish eliminating, redeye removing and enhancing. Kinds of professional transition effects available, including 3d transitions, color blend transitions, slices&boxes, various masks types. Support adding more than one songs as background  music, slideshow and music synchronization.
Directly upload your photos to YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox and SkyDrive as a slideshow video.
Subtitles could make your video more clear and deliver your meaning to audiences.  In this article, I will show you how to create a YouTube video with subtitles and post it to YouTube for sharing. It enable you to create a YouTube video and add subtitles for uploading to YouTube directly.
This article is about how to turn Facebook photos into a slideshow with music, transitions, pan&zoom effects. I know many slideshow software, however, many of them can not use photos in Facebook directly, that means you have to download photos from Facebook to your iPad, then add photos to the slideshow app.
After touch Web Album icon, you can see a web album list, showing web albums from which you can use photos. Add background music and sync slideshow time to music time.  Import several songs and arrange their order.
The first option is used to arrange photo order, tap second option to delete photos, set pan&zoom effects with the third option and touch the forth option to use photo editor. With its powerful photo editor, the app also enables you to save fixed photos to iPad Photo Library.
Apple has made it easy to share your photos with other iOS users thanks to its iCloud service.
While you can control who has access to your Photo Stream albums, you may not want to share all the photos and screenshots on your device.
MacPhun decided to drop the $1.99 price after its FX Photo Studio app for the iPhone was downloaded over a million times. This photo editor enables you to import photos from iPhoto library and web albums, including Picasa, Facebook and Flickr. Function “Photo Editor” enables you to rotate, enhance effect, adjust brightness and contrast, crop, sharpness etc. These are nice features to have, but they’re nothing special and they don’t actually change your photos. Well luckily, there are many apps for that and we’re going to cover the best ones in this list. One of the unique things about this app is that you can apply realistic emotions to a face and then animate them. Just upload a photo from your library or take one with the camera and you’re ready to get started. You can also rotate and scale your images and change the colors of elements to match your photos.
This allows you to create different variations of the same image and also lets your creativity run wild. Meaning, you don’t have to change the entire image at once, you can pick and choose which parts you want to change. Much like Paint FX (mentioned above) you can also apply effects to only parts of your images.

The sketching effect is random, so no matter how many times you transform an image, you won’t get the same sketch twice. When you take a photo or upload one from your library, you’ll get real-time preview thumbnails showcasing each effect.
It gives you total control over your images and includes 60 different presets that can be used to change and enhance your photos.
You can use it to convert any photo into a pencil sketch, and then use your fingers to color it in for a unique look. You can convert colors, blur your images, transform them into sketch drawings and cartoons, change the contrast and saturation, and more. Simply put, it turns your photos into rough pencil sketches and then allows you to save or email them. You can apply various masks for different effects, such as converting to a black or white sketch or applying a sepia effect. If you have an iPhone 4, you can use the VGA button to output your images to an external monitor or projector.
You can turn Picasa photographs into a slideshow with music, transitions and more effects, then post Picasa Photographs as a stunning slideshow to Facebook for sharing with friends. Besides various slideshow effects, it enables you arrange photo order by name and date, edit photographs with its built-in powerful photo editor, sync slideshow to music. It enables you to get photos from Picasa albums to iPad easily, then view photos in slideshow or save Picasa photos as a slideshow video. After successfully logining, all your Picasa albums will be shown, choose albums and touch photos to  import them to Photo Slideshow Director HD.
Touch the slideshow and music synchronization option, the app will change the slides time to match slideshow duration with music duration. According to the slideshow type, you can choose a corresponding theme for it, such as choosing a wedding theme for a wedding slideshow. Making it the number one app for photography in the app stores of no less than 39 countries.
To share your photos with someone, just open the Photos app on your iPad and tap the "Shared" button. The photo editing app features over 190 effects and filters, and one click image sharing for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr.
Now the following passage will show you the best photo editor for iPad—Photo Slideshow Director HD and its key features for image editing.
Then edit photos to fix them, such as enhance effects, rotate photos, crop, remove redeye, adjust brightness and contrast, set sharpness etc. Or tap the forth “Web Album” icon and enter your web album user ID and Password to login in, then import photos from Facebook album, Flickr album and Picasa web album. Tap it and you are allowed to arrange photos orders, delete photos, set Pan&Zoom effect and edit photos.
The unique thing about this app is the ability to add your image to 3D models such as soda cans and cubes.
On top of that, you can create postcards using your images and send them anywhere in the world, add text, important images from Facebook, share images on various social networks, and much more. You can also add captions and frames and use your finger to change or erase parts of your images. This means that you can have half of your image sketched and the other half in its original form. Its “sophisticated noise reduction” feature is what makes PhotoToaster stand out from the rest; this helps to greatly enhance photos that were taken in low-lit areas.
Photo Power also supports sharing on Facebook and Twitpic, so that you can share your edited images with friends. You can also share your images on Pholeido, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr – all at once. There is also a “shade” button, which lets you change the shade of your images from light to dark. Or directly upload the Valentines slideshow to Facebook, YouTube or Dropbox for sharing.  For more slideshow software, please click here.
After signing in, you will be asked to enter title, description and choose a resolution for the video. From here you can select the album you want to share then enter the name of the contacts you want to share your album with. It doesn’t state whether or not you can access images saved on the Web via the app, but that would be a great feature to have. Once you’re done with your image, you can frame it and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or by email.

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