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This reality show is most upsetting to my colleagues in the mines because it makes light of the very real acts of caring, the daily effort of miners everywhere to stay safe and keep their fellow miners safe as well. Miners I work with point out that the miners moving the equipment should have engaged in safe behaviors such as communicating with and making visual contact with everyone in the area to avoid potential line-of-fire dangers.
While the immediacy with which this was brought to their attention is good, the fundamental issue is, how many like-minded, eager and friendly coal mine owners are out there doing just this again…making a priority of trying to keep the operations going over safe practices. If this is American work practises one can clearly see why they are a laughing stock around the world.
I agree with your comment concerning “unsafe practices on this show being on par with some third world countries.” In successful mining companies, all workers from front line to the top leaders have united to address conditions, equipment and practices.

Because of his background, Don understands the demands managers and executives face in applying behavioral science to improve business outcomes. In this same episode loose roof material was pulled down, using a pick hammer, nearly crushing two miners. And if the proper tool was not available, the safer thing to do was not available to the miner.  Commitment to safety must be linked from the behaviors of the owner (providing procedures, tools, and reinforcement systems) to the supervisors to the individuals engaged in the work. The unsafe practices seen on this show would be on par with a 3rd world nation mining site. When mining employees at all levels work together, they are able to identify and shape safe behaviors through effective feedback.

If putting safety first is a concern, miners should pull down the loose roof material using a long bar in a process called “barring down.” Additional concerns noted from this episode were the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) including safety glasses, hearing protection, and respirators, which are typically standard in most mines. They also encourage all employees to report unsafe conditions and concerns without fear of retaliation. Supervisors in the Coal series say “Let’s work safe today” but there appears to be no focus on establishing and maintaining safe behaviors, in fact a dangerous disregard for all—even when it is clear that, as the TV camera captures,  there are strong relationships and respect among the miners on the show.

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