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I've been back and forth about wanting to see this but proably will since 6 year-old junior is into Spider-man everything these days.
1- I don't know if I care to watch the whole origin story all over again checking off boxes as it goes along. 2- After Rami's trilogy this really doesn't look or feel much different from what I've already seen. 3- Andrew Garfield's body is too tiny for his head and is made even worse from his bouffant hair-do.
I'm looking forward to seeing it, though I know it's going to be an OJ movie as opposed to a great one.
I'm kinda meh on the idea as the Rami films were pretty good so simply due to Regression to the mean, this will probably be worse. I know Spiderman eventually kills Gwen Stacy, but don't you think you are being a little uncharitable?
But the villain was well done, the kid playing Spiderman was alright, the heroine was far better then the girl from the first set of movies (both the character and the actress).

One problem I had was for the first 20 minutes the actor who player Spiderman reminded me of someone.
My WAG is that you were used to his words not matching the subtitles, so when he used two Japanese words, your brain interpreted it as being off. YOU know you are getting old when Stockard Channing is playing Lady Bracknell in Rough Magic’s production of The Importance of Being Earnest at Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre. I would have preferred Raimi's version to have gone with Gwen and done the death, and introduced MJ in the sequel or as a peripheral character in the first. I did, however, come within an inch of outright murdering the three girls and one grown woman who kept talking during the show. When he gets knocked through a wall, he at least appeared sort of hurt (granted, not in any way that actually slowed him down), he was strong but not crazy super strong, he was obviously outmatched by the villain and while he could take on three or four bad guys at once, once he was outnumbered by more then that he either had to run or surrender.
I had some major issues with a couple of plot points but since I do not know how to use spoiler boxes I will leave them be. And it bugged me until I figured out who, the actor who played Kumar in the White Castle movie.

However, the audio for that quick phrase seemed to be spliced in and the words didn't seem to match Leary's lip movements.
Simmons, who was great) and they failed to capture pretty much everything I love about Spider-Man. It's a much more personal and emotional take on Peter Parker, who makes different, yet equally troubling, choices.
Those two share way to much mannerism and expressions, both vocal and facial not to be related.
While I never closely followed the comic or story, I have seen the original TV series and all the movies made since then. The villain almost comes off as irrelevant to his ultimate story: not that Kurt Conners is uninteresting, but that he's more the last element in the movie.

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