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Still astonishing every time I listen to it – hairs standing up on back of neck etc etc. If as a blogger you want to receive lots of comments – just post a record that everybody knows already.
Or perhaps we should see how many comments the Skrewdriver posting gets compared to this one. This ep really would have been so much better if the drummer would have played real d-beat instead of the so much lamer beat most 80s American USHC-drummers played.
Who cares when the term was invented, its really necessary these days when HC has got so many babies. Maybe Buzzcocks stole the d-beat from Tages but Buzzcocks where the first band to use it in punk. The drummer is astounding here and highlights the difference between a lot of classic US HC and UK punk.

And some other drummers like the drummers of Koro, Rhythm Pigs, AOF, Victims Family, Zero Boys etc all sucked.
The point is to be able and see the importance in diving up a genre like punk or hardcore into 100 sub genres so you can be sure to what you listen to and what it?s called?
Ha ha ha isn?t everything about musical taste subjective or do you regard your statements as universal laws?
There’s an endless stream of classic hardcore 7 inches and LPs from all over the world. I like all the great, inventive and non-generic bands of the 80s(90% being from the USA) and you like all the others that I?m sure to hate ha ha.
Many US HC drummers seemed technically really competent compared to the apparently self taught UK ones. I prefer both well played punk and sloppy non technical punk as long as it?s done with feeling.

Cause if you don?t hear that Failures is Power Violence and not Hardcore then you don?t get it? Or lame d-beat like so many others did with cheating(not following through with all the beats on the hi-hat or the cymbals)? All these half-ass 80s hardcore bands bore me witch include 90% of american records of the era.
They had a lot more energy and pounded way harder then their colleges from the rest of the world. Record Collectors…, Kings of Punk and Feel the Darkness are great too though a bit overrated.

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