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No matter what your choice, nothing hums of such delicateness and strength as a hummingbird tattoo design. Organized groups all around the United States hold events where they band hummingbirds to follow their life and hopefully learn more about their habits. Other bits of information about the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird that you might find interesting include a body temperature of between 105 and 108 degrees fahrenheit, and a heart rate of 1200 beats per minute when feeding (250 when at rest).
The best part about the hummingbird tattoos is that they can be combined with all the sweet things like flowers, stars and feathers to give you a sexy feminine look. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Snake Tattoos, Turtle Tattoos, Frog Tattoos and Cross With Wings Tattoos.
Glossy hummingbird in purple, green and blue with yellow hexagonal tiles in the background.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. People also need to know the hummingbird tattoo designs meaning before they choose for using it. This hummingbird tattoo design would suit anyone who wants to be associated with the bird’s handwork and effort. The beauty of this hummingbird tattoo design is seen in the spin it has received to give it such a polished finish. It has been seen before that sleeve tattoos are very prone to fading unlike other placement areas but this hummingbird tattoo will sure withstand intense abrasion.
Broad tattoos are hard to execute and tattoo artists know that, but when quality is done it must be recognized.
Simplicity is precious and this design would make a great tattoo idea thanks to its outline with the hummingbird perched on a surface. This humming bird tattoo looks bubbly and gives the impression that the tattoo goes beyond the arm making it longer and looking better. Great tattoos need not necessarily be flashed in highly visible placement areas, they can be placed in discreet areas like this hummingbird tattoo design. You would wonder if this tattoo can be concealed even by conventional tops; the answer is yes.

If you are to have this tattoo you would have no reason to worry about it blending with other aesthetic elements or even garments. This clear tattoo has been magnified by the depth of the artwork that went into it, not to mention the fading effect seen in the way it receeds into a shade-like image. When you search for a tattoo you usually look for nothing but an enhancement of your pre-conceived idea; essentially, you are looking for detail and this tattoo gives you a good place to start. With their wings beating rapidly and diminutive size, they can stay suspended in the same position for a long, long time. A male has an emerald green back, gray flanks and a very distinctive iridescent ruby red ring of color around its throat. It fits in somewhere between the tiniest member of the hummingbird family, the Amethyst Woodstar and the largest, the Giant Hummingbird tattoo design (about 8 grams).
These birds fly at a normal speed of about 30 miles per hour but can reach speeds of 50mph when in escape mode. Absolutely false, it might make a good story, but hummingbirds are very capable of flying great distances on their own. Although they may be almost as small as an insect, genetically speaking, they are all bird.
While they seem to fly around or hover in mid air, put some birdseed in your hand and they will land and eat. With its cute and clever features, this bird is becoming very famous in the tattoo world too. So, if you are planning on a tattoo this season, make sure to have a look at the hummingbird designs too.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Hummingbird is the slim bird and that makes its possibility to be tattooed in any spot of human body. This tattoo changes how we look at tattoo compatibility with skin tones since it shows different colors can look good on different skin tones. The blend of several colors in the right proportion as well edifies the tattoo even further.

This would certainly be a favorite design for one looking for a bold but small hummingbird tattoo. For some reason it brings one to think it is done superficially…maybe a sticker or something, only to realize it is actually a uniquely done tattoo. As one of the smallest birds in the world of birds, they are extremely popular with bird watchers and bird enthusiasts as are hummingbird tattoo designs with body art enthusiasts.
Females, who have a larger plumage than the male are characterized by an emerald green back, white breast and throat and some white wing tips. An intensly inquisitive bird that easily adapts to a human presence, it is easy to attract them to your bird feeder. It also represents the beauty in nature and would be loved by those who want to identify with that theme. The boldness exhibited in the birds colors is a perfect compliment for the owners character and psyche in whichever moments it comes in handy. Any woman who is outgoing and loves her life to the fullest is surely going to love this design too.
The tattoo is the part of the modern culture and it also sometimes becomes the identity shown. Its artistic appearance can be the first thing noticed from the hummingbird tattoo designs. The hummingbird represents so much and would make a great statement on what one wants to be known for. For some people the act of choosing this one is the first choice proposed because of the beautiful appearance of the design.
People for example can get it from internet without paying: that will help them for reducing the budget prepared for tattooing. Through the artistic appearance, the identity of the owner also can be shown as the great one.

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