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This distinctive large bird is often seen soaring or perched on trees and casts a substantial shadow if it flies above you. Juveniles are dark with white mottling, and adults have dark bodies, a white head and tail, and bright yellow beak and legs. In a 2000-2001 study of raptor abundance on agricultural land during the winter months, Bald Eagles were the most commonly sighted raptor in Delta.

Eagles also feed on garbage at the Delta Municipal Landfill, and use the landfill site as a warm, disturbance-free resting place.
Known as the "Butcher Bird," the Shrike impales prey on thorns to attract mates and mark its territory.
Snow Geese congregate on farm fields by the tens of thousands searching for potatoes, grain, and grass.

They reuse the same nest year after year, and for multiple generations, and adding to it each nesting season until it reaches huge dimensions- up to three by six meters (10' by 20').

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