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It is up to each individual person where about on the eyebrow they would like the piercing to be. Whilst an eyebrow piercing can look really good, there are some things that you need to think about before going ahead and having one done. It is uncommon but there are occasions where you could end up with an infection in the piercing. The only other problem you could experience from an eyebrow piercing is that they are not always accepted socially.
We specialize in Belly Button, Lip, Labret, Tongue, Eyebrow, Nostril, Earlobe, Cartilage, Tragus, Forward Helix ,Microdermal Piercings and Nipple piercing. You follow the same procedure as you would with ear piercings and they usually take only 6-8 weeks to heal properly.

Firstly you need to be aware of the fact that there is a chance that the piercing will grow out and leave a scar. For whatever reason, eyebrow piercings do sometimes cause offense and this is something that you may have to put up with. This is not usually a big deal for most people but it is still something that you need to think about. If you want to avoid the piercing closing up then you should leave the jewellery in at all times. If you are unlucky enough to develop an infection then you will experience pain and swelling. Once the piercing has healed and you remove the jewellery, it will not take long for it to close back up again.

However, as mentioned an infection is quite rare and it can usually be avoided if you choose a good piercer.
We use sterile instruments, practice aseptic technique, and use (one time use only) sterile body piercing needles.

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