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One of our readers sent us this image of a totally amazing butterfly cake and I instantly wondered how on earth they made the butterflies.
Some quick searching turned up a really great article on how to make realistic and edible butterflies that I found really helpful and detailed. Butterflies add interest to your garden and contribute to pollination of your garden plants.
We know that adult butterflies feed on the nectar of flowers, but did you know they lay their eggs on a limited number of native plants? This is because butterfly caterpillars are host specific. Oddly enough, butterflies taste with their feet, which is where their taste sensors are located and by standing on their food, they can taste it to see if their caterpillars are able to eat it. The top three nectar bearing food plants that butterflies love are butterfly weed, purple coneflowers and the New England Aster! Give your butterflies a water hole by keeping a mud puddle constantly moist in a sunny spot, or place a bucket filled with constantly moist sand in your garden.
One of the biggest things that you need to remember when you are attempting to attract butterflies to your garden is that you need to have a lot of different flowers for them to choose from.  This way, you will definitely be attracting more than one type of butterfly. Another great idea is to group the same types of flowers together; this will ensure that the butterflies will have easy access to their favorite flowers! Youa€™ve just had a fight with your best friend and eating is the only thing that makes you feel better.
While you might feel starved after a stressful event, your best friend might be grossed out by the thought of food. On the other hand, your best friend might lose her appetite because the stress hormones make it difficult for her to eat. During the day, the levels of hormones that give you energy (epinephrine and norepinephrine) and those that help you stay happy (called dopamine) stay consistent.
Ita€™s been a long, tense day and you feel like youa€™ve got a rubber band squeezing around your head that just wona€™t stop. Youa€™re about to take a big test or star in the school play and youa€™ve got cold hands, a mouth as dry as the desert, and your heart is pounding.
Because youa€™re nervous and under pressure to perform your body has kicked the stress response into high gear. Once that stress response is running full force, your body only sends your blood to those parts that are necessary for you to survive. When youa€™re starring in the school play, your body wants to give you what you need to succeed.
When you are feeling overwhelmed, bring things back into prospective with these easy ways get back into the groove. Youa€™re about to make an election speech for student council and your face is beet red and you are sweaty all over. Even though ita€™s just a speech and you arena€™t planning on fighting off any tigers, remember what you are feeling is part of the fight or flight response.

To keep from feeling the heat during your next speech, check out this list of ways to cope with stress. Ita€™s your first day back at school or maybe youa€™re starting a new school, and youa€™ve got butterflies in your stomach. Butterflies are normal, but check these easy ways to cope with stress so that they dona€™t get the best of you. Butterfly tattoos are very popular among women of all ages as they look great on all places of the body.
You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Though butterflies may not be as efficient as bees in pollinating plants, butterflies certainly do their fair share in bringing about seed and fruit production—and definitely are more pleasing to watch. Plant-wise, the caterpillars of some butterfly species like asters, black-eyed Susan, clover, lupines, milkweed, sedum or violets. If you plant all three of these plants, you will definitely be seeing a lot more butterflies in your yard!
If you cana€™t eat when you are stressed, try something small - like peanut butter toast or a piece of fruit. Towards the end of a normal day, these hormones begin to decrease and the hormone that helps you sleep (called serotonin) kicks into high gear. Sometimes it feels like you have so many different roles to play - good student, kid brother, sister, and friend - that things can seem out of control. The stress hormones are shooting through your bloodstream and moving your blood away from your skin.
The body turns on ita€™s climate control system, raises its temperature and produces sweat - and lots of it. Butterfly tattoos designed especially for the wrists are very popular as they are perfect for making a style statement while boosting up the personality of the wearer.
Butterflies have good color vision sensing more “wavelengths” than either humans or bees and, unlike bees; butterflies can see the color red.
Their mystery and beauty and mystery have enchanted mankind for centuries and woven in to legends and folklore. Aspen, birch, cherry, hackberry, oak or willow trees make caterpillars of other butterfly species equally happy. If you get hungry, you may crave comfort foods (like chocolate, soda, or ice cream) because they increase the levels of a feel-good hormone called serotonin in the body.
Once this happens, they can get angry much more quickly and they lash out at anyone that gets in their way.
But if youa€™ve been trapped in a stress cycle, your body continues to produce those stress hormones from the adrenal glands ( see short-term stress for more details). Although it is unclear what exactly causes these headaches, tight head and neck muscles are generally thought to be to blame.

This can give your heart and muscles more strength -- which you would really need if you were trying to run away from something. You have a gamegamebuttongamebutton this afternoon, your little brother is annoying you, and your mom is insisting that you clean your room. Originally, this helped your body cool in case you did need to run away from a horde of wild animals. Once the stress response kicks into high gear, one of the stress hormones (cortisol) shuts the stomach down and wona€™t let food digest. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you may notice that you cana€™t sleep - which makes you cranky.
The chemical messengers in your brain get really busy and tell your blood vessels to get really small. Because your blood is going to the places that really need it (like your heart, lungs, and liver) your hands can be left feeling like ice. Because your blood is busy nourishing your organs and not your muscles, your throat (which is made of muscle!) can tighten, making it hard to swallow.
Of course, now that your making your speech (which is the modern day equivelent of facing down those tigers and bears), you end up drenched in sweat and your face is the color of a fire engine. It is not an easy job to shortlist the designs to pick just one which will look the best on you. It happens because the release of stress hormones can speed up the flow of your blood by 300 - 400 percent! Following is a collection of some attractive butterfly wrist tattoos that have been selected based on their uniqueness. This is because the stress hormones fill up your short-term memory with the immediate demands of dealing with stress. This provides a burst of energy that can help you get through backstage jitters and the first few minutes of your play. They also signal your brain to store the memory of the stressful event in long-term memory so you know how to respond next time something stressful happens. All of this means you are more likely to forget something, feel like you cana€™t concentrate, snap at your family or friends, or feel tongue-tied. Take the time to figure out what is stressing you out and try to reduce the load youa€™re carrying.

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