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For example, the girlish looking skull tattoos can be coupled with stars, flowers and pink swirly pattern to bring out a pretty feminine tattoo piece. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Adam Levine Tattoos, Tattoos With Meaning, Sexy Tattoos and Koi Fish Tattoo. Etched on the back, this girly skull is a gift the wearer gave herself on her 18th birthday. This pair of pink girly skulls, shaped as butterflies and carved on the sides of the chest, is a symbol of love that liberates the soul from fear. Weird girly skull tattoo that has a broken face symbolizes the fearless and feminine aspect of the wearer’s nature.
Girly skull with crossbones and pink swirls looks very cute and oozes super feminine charm. The popular bow skull design with crossbones and stars looks very pretty and stands for the soft and strong nature of the wearer. The girl got the skull tattoo on her foot along with the initials of her sister as a mark of love. Cute small skull tattoo with crossbones and bow, displaying pink shading, looks very sweet and girlish.
Running over to the shoulder, this eye-catching girly skull tattoo, symbolizes the tough and feminine side of the wearer. Pretty to the core, this tattoo is a symbol that the wearer is an ambitious girl and not afraid of taking risks. Carved with different colors and displaying stars, bow and crossbones, this girly skull tattoo looks very appealing.
The sisters got the skull tattoos with another’s initials on their foot as a reminder of how much they mean to each other. This skull tattoo has got a luscious flavor that was designed by the wearer’s husband as a mark of affection. This upper back tattoo is a self tribute that symbolizes the courage that helped the girl come out of her troubled past. This tattoo stands for the strong and fearless attitude of the mother who is very protective of her two innocent kids. Green skull with bow and two ponytails is a symbol of the environment friendly initiatives taken by the courageous wearer.

Super girly skull with flowers, heart and crossbones looks quite charming and symbolizes the intrepid spirit that rests inside the wearer. The sugar skulls on the top and the portrait of the girl with crossbones at back and P O I S O N letters at the bottom, look mysterious. This one-eyed girly skull tattoo looks intriguing and induces a mixed feeling of fear and love in the heart of onlookers. Daughter’s tribute to father who is a cancer patient and undergoing harsh chemotherapy sessions. Colorful and cute girly skull with stars around that is a token of love, ambition and courage. Mexican girl with a modified version of the sugar skull that she got in the loving memory of her beautiful sister. The green heart-shaped eyes and the pink bow of the girly skull stand for the wearer’s loving and courageous nature. The colorful bangles add to the lovely charm of the cute girly skull that has a pink bow on its head. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. This time the live draw is more up-to-date so that you can experience quality while I draw. Okay, sketch in teh crack detailing on the crossbones and then draw out and color in the eye sockets as shown. However, the design of the skull is somewhat different in the case of the fairer sex if they want to make a mixed style statement. So, for my first two lessons I will be submitting tattoo designs that I drew last night and this time they cater to the girls out there.
Once that is done you can add some lining for the bones and then for the eyes that will look more whole in the next step.
You will then add some detailing and definition lines above the brow, on the right temple of the skull head and then draw the upper teeth lines.
You will finish drawing out the crossbones on the lower level and then move to the next step.
After you have colored in the eyes you will sketch out eyelashes and then draw out and color in the nose hole.

All you have to do is color her in and you have just learned "how to draw a girly skull" step by step.
This is to say that the latter go for girly skull tattoos to give vent to their bold and beautiful side.
The first lesson I will teach you is going to be on “how to draw a girly skull” step by step. Add some bold lining on the crossbones and then sketch out the girly skull teeth and detail them as well. These twin aspects of their personality find right expression with this kind of skull tattoos. Here we have created a collection of 26 tattoos that show the girly skulls in different avatars. Mostly seen as the skull with bow, the girly skull art form has a rich variety and can be molded into pretty colorful displays. Take a look and check out the beauties who sport the creepy skull on their different body parts. Yeah sure I would still pin up the skull tattoo’s that are on the site now, but what about the girly side of me? I wanted to draw a "girly skull" that would be cool enough to hang up on a wall or even be used as an image for a cute tattoo design that you can get inked on your body.
I can totally picture this pink punk skull on the front of school book covers and even as a poster in your room. The girly skull tattoo design was wicked fun to draw because I gave her ponytails, eyelashes, and even a cute girly looking Mohawk. You can choose to leave the skull plain if you like, or choose a shade that is right for you to color in the punk skull design. Learning how to draw tattoo designs is always fun, and it also brings out the creativity in an artists because you can let your mind free to put out anything you might be thinking.
Teach yourself "how to draw a girly skull" tattoo step by step so when I upload the other tattoo design you will already be warmed up to tackle another creation.

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