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Each of these sites offers a 1 year membership for a relatively low price, so whether you are looking for only one tattoo or think you will be getting multiple tattoo's over your lifetime, a membership at a tattoo design website is a great investment in my opinion. AFTER A LONG GOOGLE SEARCH I HAVE REACHED THE RIGHT PLACE WHERE MY THIRST FOR THE BEST TATTOOS IS COMPLETED. Bird tattoo designs have huge scope when it comes to the feeling they will portray as well as the colours and style. The Phoenix: This is perhaps one of the most powerful images of a bird commonly used in a tattoo. Eagle Tattoos: This kind of bird tattoo is popular with both men and women, especially those in the armed forces. The Swallow: This is another popular tattoo design, traditionally being drawn on sailors though now becoming more and more mainstream. A Connection to Nature: Bird tattoos are also a great way for people to show their true connection to nature and the outdoors. The Meaning of Wolf Tattoos: Wolves have been associated with many different types of meaning, depending on the culture and time in history. Wolves are popularly chosen as tattoo designs as a way of representing not only strength of personality, but also a hidden wild side.
The Wolf in Different Cultures: Many people will choose their wolf tattoo design depending on the culture they wish to represent, whether this is Celtic, Viking or even Chinese tradition.
Wolf Tattoo Designs: These designs are popularly used as back pieces, allowing a large surface area to be used for complex backgrounds including the moon, mountains and other animals.
Japanese tattoos are rich in meaning and symbolism, with many designs and techniques practiced in Japan for years only recently becoming more popular in the Western world. Japanese Dragons: Japanese dragon tattoos are drawn as a way of bringing good luck, and are often drawn alongside images of rivers and lakes. Japanese Symbols: Written tattoos are now becoming increasing popular in the western world, especially using those Japanese symbols that represent water.

Japanese Tattooing: In Japan, the tradition is that the body is treated as a complete canvas.
Heart tattoos have been used for centuries to express one of the deepest human emotions: love.
Historic Meaning: The heart tattoo has been used ever since ancient times as a symbol representing the intellect. Heart tattoos were made popular by sailors who would represent their love for those they missed while at sea with a heart, anchor and the word mom.
Personal Meaning: The heart tattoo may be used to show love for a parent, or a significant other. The options for a heart tattoo are virtually endless, and they are adaptable to just about any area of the body. These tattoos have been popular for decades in both men and women, as each different bird and setting can represent a number of different personal struggles and triumphs. The mythology behind this bird states that it rose from its ashes after being burned, and is traditionally a bird of fire. This is a true symbol of strength and if often displayed with its wings outstretched or simply just a head. No matter what kind of bird you choose, they also represent a sense of being free especially when drawn with their wings outstretched. The relationship between man and dogs is very powerful, though the relationship with wolves goes centuries back. Due to the predatory nature of these animals, they have often been associated with cunning and even cruelty.
These animals are often popularly depicted howling at the moon, which can show a person’s love for nightlife or the stars. Many myths surround the wolf, including brothers Romulus and Remus being raised by wolves, eventually founding the city of Rome.

The image usually includes the wolf howling, and smaller tattoo designs may make use only of the wolf’s head. Some of the most popular images associated with Japanese culture include the Koi fish, dragons and Japanese text. Finding a Japanese tattoo artist means that there will be no simple mistakes that could completely change the meaning of your tattoo.
For this reason, tattoos would often be extremely detailed, complex and large meaning that any design would consist of several elements and could take hours to complete. Most commonly these tattoos were designed in red, but they are now drawn in a wide range of styles and with a number of meanings behind them.
Since then, Christianity has used the heart as full of emotion, where Islam has seen it as the centre of their spirituality. The most popular designs for this purpose often include broken hearts, and hearts including a dagger are often drawn to represent bravery in the military. Most phoenix tattoo designs will come in fiery colours, and depict strength after a struggle. However, they naturally work in packs which can be used to represent strength in a unit such as a family or friendship. It’s also important to research carefully the exact meaning behind the symbol you choose. Tattooing in this way is a huge commitment, but one that results in a stunning work of art. If you are a free spirit then a heart drawn with wings is the perfect way to represent this.

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