Praying hands tattoo handcuffs,tattoos meaning unconditional love,logo designer seattle - Step 2

Praying hands tattoos show ones faith, the praying hands as a tattoo design is very popular and has spiritual and religious meanings. I think that is mostly because it is motivated by suffering a great loss or something like that and the need to pay tribute to that loss, whatever it may have been, makes for an easy motivation to get that first tattoo. Both symbols are usually designed in praying hands tattoos trying to symbolize their love and faith for their religion. One still has to realize that they will probably have the tattoo for life so it better be something they will never regret, because it won’t mater if you do regret it.

In today’s post I have compiled a list of amazing praying hands tattoos designs for your inspiration. This guy appears to have his very large praying hands tattoo right in the center of his back, so unless he walks around a lot without a shirt on, chances are most people he works with and socializes with have never seen it. This variation of the praying hands tattoo may only portray praying hands or it can include rosary beads and a cross as well.
That would mean it is a very private thing between him and his God and he does not care if anyone else sees it.

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