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Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city. It can be used as a desktop wallpaper or background for your pc or in powerpoint presentations in your christian church sermons or in your music software for datashow on Christian concerts. Due to differences in individual monitor calibration, details and coloring of accessories may vary from what is shown on your screen.

This is the text and a scan of the actual, original, first printing of the 1611 King James Version, the 'HE' Bible, for Proverbs Chapter 16.
View this Prouerbs chapter 16 page at a larger size (Proverbs, the original 1611 KJV) (ideal for widescreen monitors 1366 x 768 or higher) CHAP. And if you would like to send this wallpaper to Facebook, Twitter or Delicious, please be our guest!

If you would like to verify details and coloring of the accessories or favors prior to ordering, please contact us for assistance.

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