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The mountain quail, largest member of the quail family, may weigh over half a pound and measure 11 to 12 inches in length.
Originally found from southern Oregon to the sound end of the Baja Peninsula and as far east as the western edge of Nevada, the valley quail has been introduced throughout much of the West, including Hawaii and British Columbia. Quail tend to feed most actively in the morning and late afternoon, so those are the best times to pursue them in and around grain fields and places where weed and grass seeds are readily available.
A well-trained and disciplined dog, of course, can do a better job of playing dog than a human can, and will certainly help put more quail in the bag. Whether you hunt open country or thick cover, with or without a dog, you’re likely to bag more quail if you listen as well as look for your quarry.
A common scenario for quail hunters is to raise a covey and get one or two shots if they all take flight at once, or perhaps stand and shoot several times if birds raise one or two at a time and there’s an opportunity to re-load between take-offs.
If you raise a covey in or near trees and tall bushes, quail may resort to the frustrating tactic of simply flying up and perching in the overhead limbs, giving you no time for a wing-shot.
Quail are among the smallest of game birds, and it doesn’t take a large-bore gun or a heavy load of large shot to bring them down. The rise of a quail can be quite unpredictable, and when a dozen or more take flight at the same time it can be downright nerve-wracking. The following animals are considered small game: squirrels, rabbits, northern bobwhite (quail) and grouse.
Trappers must harvest squirrels and rabbits upon capture, unless they possess a captive wildlife permit from Kentucky Fish and Wildlife. Seasons on WMAs and other public hunting lands not managed by Kentucky Fish and Wildlife may be different from statewide seasons.
Resident and nonresident youth hunters and trappers ages 15 and under may hunt and trap small game without a hunting or trapping license for seven consecutive days starting the Saturday after Christmas. Youth hunters must comply with all equipment regulations and bag limits for small game when hunting or trapping.
The limit for this hunting method is two (2) of any small game or furbearer species per falconer per day, except during the fall and winter hunting season when the limits are the same as for other methods.
Place the salt cod in a bowl of cold water, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate, changing the water several times. Using a wooden spoon, mix the mashed potatoes, pancetta mixture and basil in with the flaked cod. Shape the salt cod mixture into small balls using an ice cream scoop and place them on a baking sheet. The fish cakes can be stored in the fridge well covered up to 3 days or frozen up to 3 months.
When you’re ready to fry your fish cakes, place a large non-stick skillet over medium high heat. THE LOVE: Salt cod needs a long soaking to remove the preserving salt, so start at least one day in advance. Get More Recipes Like This In Your InboxJoin my mailing list to receive the latest recipes right in your inbox. Valley quail are by far the more abundant of the two and are found in huntable numbers on both sides of the Cascades, although the largest populations and best valley quail hunting occur in Eastern Washington.

Its head plume (top knot) is taller and straighter than that of the valley quail, especially when standing on the ground or perched. Both males and females sport a curving plume, comprised of several small feathers, that droops forward.
They also pick grit before these morning and afternoon feeding sessions, so don’t overlook roadside cover at the edges of lightly travelled back roads and off-road trails. One strategy is to drive or hike back roads, looking for tracks, droppings and dusting holes that indicate there may be birds nearby. The idea is for one or more hunters to push through areas of heavy cover and flush birds into the open ahead of their hunting partners on either flank or to a blocker at the far end of the cover strip. The pointing breeds can be a great asset, especially in low cover and open, shrub-steppe country, but a tough flushing dog might offer an edge in the kinds of thick cover where valley quail often hide. When they scatter, quail may fly long distances, never to be seen again (at least not that day), or they may settle to the ground only a few dozen yards away and you can spend the next hour flushing singles and doubles.
Shooting sitting quail off tree limbs is the bird-hunting equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel, so you my find yourself resorting to throwing rocks and sticks to get them to take flight. And, because quail hunting often involves quick shots in tight cover at small, fast-moving targets, a smaller, lighter gun may produce better results than a larger, heavier one. Many a quail hunter, suddenly overwhelmed by a cloud of little gray rockets going off in every direction, has stood there stunned, failing to even bring the shotgun to his shoulder until the whole thing was over. It might help to remember that, because of their small size, they appear to be flying faster than they really are, and you have more time to shoot than you might think. Breech-loading shotguns must be plugged to hold a maximum of three shells (two in magazine and one in chamber). 26-27, 2015 since youth hunters are also permitted to hunt deer with firearms at that time.
Falconers must possess a Falconry Permit, which costs $75 and is valid for three years, as well as a valid Kentucky hunting license, unless license exempt, and obey all applicable state and federal laws. If you are interested in becoming a Display Fake Food wholesaler, please click here more for more information. You’ll read a lot of recipes where milk is used as the soaking liquid but water does the trick just as well. Mountain quail are available to Western Washington hunters only and are protected by a closed season east of the Cascades.
Males and females look very much alike, with chestnut-colored throat patches and chestnut sides with wide, white bars.
Quail may also use these areas to carry out one of their favorite mid-day pastimes, dusting. When you find evidence of birds, walk the edge of the road in short bursts, stopping often near patches of roadside cover. This technique works best in fairly small areas and in narrow ribbons of cover; if the cover patch is too large quail may simply run or, if they do flush, stay within their brushy haven and refuse to fly into the open. Whatever the breed, a dog that does a decent job of retrieving will more than earn its keep by locating downed quail that we humans would never be able to find.

When a covey is scattered, birds will often emit a sort of crowing whistle to locate each other, and a chorus of such calls may erupt around dusk, as birds begin to roost for the night. Those singles and doubles will sometimes hold very tight once they hit the ground, letting a hunter or dog walk right up on top of them before they fly. It may be easier and more productive to walk away and return 30 to 60 minutes later, in hopes they’ll have returned to the ground and can be flushed again. The problem is that just when you think you know what quail are going to do, they change tactics. This mash is shaped into thick patties, dipped in an egg-wash, sometimes rolled in flour or dried breadcrumbs or both then fried in butter or lard.
Its cheap and keeps well, which makes it an ideal food for Friday suppers when fresh fish is too expensive. Males have a dark brown cap and a black face edged in white,  a brown back, a grey-blue chest and a light brown belly. Hunters can often get the chorus started with a quail call, and use the responses to help pinpoint likely hunting spots for the next morning. Those are the rises that may just about cause cardiac arrest, but also tend to provide a hunters with the longest possible reaction time for a good shot. Its been a long hard winter full of heartache and challenge but important lessons were learned and now the sun is shining.
Most common in California, Oregon and parts of Western Washington, they’re the only quail that makes an annual migration, moving upslope into the high country during the spring and returning to the lowlands in the fall.
The same stop-and-go strategy may also work for a lone hunter in relatively open areas with scattered patches of low or moderate cover. Shot loads (with lead) range from one-ounce 20-gauge loads to 1 ¼-ounce loads in a 12-gauge. The tendency of most hunters is to shoot too high, especially at birds that are going straight-away. If you can not find want you need, please contact us and we will do whatever we can to deliver the fake food products that you need.
You could buy them from any fish monger, grocery store or, interestingly, at most bakeries. If they haven’t been hunted too hard, quail may hold in those available hiding spots rather than breaking into the open or taking flight as you approach. I loved opening the twine wrapped rough cardboard tray of fish cakes Mom would bring home to fry up with some eggs. Move quickly from one patch of cover to the next, but stop at each one for a short time before moving on.

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