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I just happened to stumble across your web site and I love it.I will visit it often from now on. If Pokemon were real, and they looked anything like the above art, if anything ever approached me EVER I would just scream and run. Seriously though, the reason some of these are creepy are because of something called the uncanny valley. I love these, this makes pokemon cool again and I completely disagree with people saying they should be cuter. The creepier they are the better, with some exceptions ( chancy, mew, and togepi right off the bat ).
TRUE some are a little too out there but forget all those people who say they dont like these man!
Please enter some additional information and click register to become a member of Sharenator! If a child popped out of my loins looking like that first picture, I would voluntarily sign up for immediate sterilization so as not to further traumatize an unsuspecting world. As the parent of an eighteen-month-old, I feel qualified to say those are just slightly less creepy than real dolls, which is to say these faux children are super creepy.
Speaking of Real Dolls, there’s a semi-regular at the Brookfield Zoo who brings his Real Doll, in a wheelchair, to the Zoo and buys her stuffed animals. As soon as I saw this it reminded me of the Ron Mueck art exhibition I saw a few years ago where there was a giant life like baby. OK…newborns are not exactly *pretty* but when they are your children, believe me they are awesome!

Those things you pictured above are not even semi-close representations of a human newborn.
Hi I am a reborn artist and they are no more creepier than any other object someone might collect. Your vulgar language well no real child should hear that so maybe you should stick to a reborn.
Comparing a person who is a motorcycle enthusiast to a DELUSIONAL adult who finds comfort in a pretend baby is ridiculous. As far as my ability to be around children… This website is an ADULT forum and I talk like an actual ADULT. The artwork transalates not unreality to reality, but approachible caricatures (ingraved into our minds to be cute) to inapproachible, insinent beast. None of the Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venesaur pics really clicked, i would like to see those improve. God, let me die already!Rick Bayless, his daughter Lanie and their creepy flirting with each other! It’s bad enough for somebody to decide that baking baby heads in their oven is a good hobby, but that second chick?
Did anyone notice the doll in the second photo looks like it is a strung out drunk who has been on a binge for a few days?
Such as Boyd bears or a man with a room filled with stuffed real animals (now that one creeps me out) but we tend to collect what we love and most people only collect these a few get them for their therapeutic purposes and some for replacement to fill a void which still is therapeutic.
Your explanation of “reborn” babies made the whole hobby seem even MORE insane!

I’m sorry, but if you want to make a comparison to your hobby it would be more like those lonely Japanese guys who marry their sex pillow.
I wish someone could explain this new trend of not using any basic rules of grammar when writing.
There is and always will be those that do things just to get attention weather it be 100 tatoo’s or piercing or whatever. They creep me out and now thanks to that youtube clip I am going to be having nightmares for the next few nights. I find it no stranger than a man who polishes his Harley all the time and has to put more chrome on it because it is a prestige thing or something and has to cover it at night plus it cost him $30,000. Making old people and women who have lost babies cry from holding a melted pretend baby is crazy.
This woman seemed normal enough from a distance but up close she had those eyes that can’t quite focus and a smile that just came off as obscene in an adult.
Also there is an art to making them look real so if nothing else look at from the artistic point.

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