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Today I will start the drawing day, by uploading a tutorial that will show you “"how to draw a simple flower", step by step”.
To draw a simple flower you must first draw some basic guidelines and shapes to get started.
For your last drawing step, you will draw the simple flower's stem and then the bold big leaves. Here is how your sketch looks when you have finished this lesson on "how to draw a simple flower step by step". Drawing flowers is something that I enjoy doing whether it is a complex flower, or an easy flower.

Drawing simple roses is something that I like to scribble on my sketch pad at least once a week to get better at drawing a rose. Once that is done you can then draw the five lines for the pedals, and then the stem guidelines as well as the leaf lines. Whenever I draw pretty flowers, I like to make sure that they come out looking vivid, colorful, and cheerful.
I think you will find that this flower makes a good lesson for parents to try with their kids.
I know there has been a lot of judgment of the types of drawings that I submit, and all I can say is that it is all art. The drawings in the top 50 are all there for a reason, because they are helpful lessons that teach artists how to draw better.
The figures, the bodies, and even the lesson on the boobs are all drawn out the same way a Barbie doll looks with no clothes on.

Parents give their children Barbie dolls for Christmas, and they are usually accompanied with some clothes. What kids see when they take off the clothes from their dolls, is exactly what you see in my lessons. People really need to stop being hippocrates, you can’t encourage somebody to be an artist but than put restrictions on them.

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