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You can download Skull And Crown Tattoo Designs photos free for personal or non-commercial use. This realistic, gothic portrait was done on my clients lower forearm at Dark Age Tattoo Studio in Denton, texas. Fun Grandfather Airforce Portrait on my friend rad old photo impeccable quality for being so old! I had the opportunity to put a unique twist on a classic biomechanical theme in this lower leg sleeve.

I have alot of fun tattooing anything related to Disney, in fact anything cartoon or animated I have alot of fun tattooing. 90% + healed in this picture, other than small touch ups and some blocked pores on the main Hulk on the upper arm! Always a fan of macro photography and microscopic worlds, it was a great opportunity to show the interesting dimensionality of individual pollen grains. I focused on the detail of the fur and the color in the eyes makes them stand out against the black and grey shading.

Award winning portrait for Best of Day Saturday, Best Portrait and 2nd Place Best Realistic at City of Rivers Tattoo and Art Festival in Sacramento CA last weekend.

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