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When you're getting a new tattoo, the location of your tattoo is just as important as the design. As with all other tattoos, the depth and significance of the design are entirely up to you. Owing to the connection between the wrist and the heart, some couples choose to have the names of eachother tattooed upon the underside of the wrist.
Eva Longoria: has the date 7 7 2007 in Roman numbers (VII VII MMVII) tattooed on her inner wrist.
Keyshia Cole: has a flaming black rose together with her initials KC, done by tattoo artist Mister Cartoon. Rihanna: has a Maori tribal on her hand and wrist, done in New Zealand in the traditional way. I really like the Love side, but the Pain doesn't look right, the lettering is off somehow. One who is considering a variety of tattoos and the design placement should look at inner wrist tattoo designs, particularly when they desire a design that is generally considered sexy.
The best place to start would be with an inner wrist tattoo designs because you can hide it easily, but still have enough room to get whatever you want.
Keep in mind the pain may be a little worse than normal because the inner wrist tattoo designs for most people is a real sensitive place. The inner wrist is one of the most intimate yet visible parts of the human body, a place where the heart's blood pulses close to the surface.

Your wrist tattoo can be full of meaning or it can be used like a permanent bracelet - an accessory that accentuates your forearm and beauty.
Your wrist is a place you look upon a lot, that's why it's an ideal place for a motivational quote, Biblical quote or other life wisdoms. Kanji (Japanese characters) have been very popular, but nowadays you see more and more tattoos in Sanskrit, Tibetan or Hebrew (especially Bible phrases).
On her other side she's got a Roman date (May 8, 1997), apparently the date she and David Beckham first became intimate. Later the question mark got incorporated into a partial sleeve with butterflies, a swallow and a peace sign. Inner wrist tattoo designs are usually dainty and elegant so when inked on a female's inner wrist they are seen as really hot and desirable by males.
Inner wrist tattoo designs come in all shapes and sizes and can be letters or zodiac signs, but there no limitations.
Patterns in the Celtic or tribal style used to be a popular choice, but are lately being replaced by some more-inspired ideas. There are numerous popular female inner wrist designs to consider so it can be somewhat difficult to decide on the exact design that represents you and your purpose of wearing inner wrist tattoo designs on your body.
More women seem to be getting inner wrist tattoos these days, but you are starting to see a rising number of men getting them, too.
The reason is because the wrist is the perfect spot for any design to stand out an look really awesome.

The best advice I can give you is to sit still the entire time because even the slightest movement can mess the design up and you don't want that. For the meaning of different floral tattoo designs, just research the term "floral tattoo designs" and several of the results will explain the meaning of each flower. Also, it's easier for the tattoo artist to one of these and in return helps you save a lot of money. Getting it right in one sitting is key because it does hurt and if you move the artist will have to fix it and that means more pain.
Keep in mind that if you have a job that is strict on tattoos you might want to consider that.
Many women will get a cluster of stars inked on their inner wrist but the most popular is something like a nautical star. Nautical stars are more popular with males as it is an old sailor tattoo and represents the North Star which is used by sailors to find their way home. In more general terms, nautical stars as inner wrist tattoo designs would be a symbol of finding and following your own life's path.

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