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Los Angeles-bred tattoo and fine art artist, Jun Cha, recently got a high-profile visitor to his private studio, who was looking to get some new art added to his arm. Kemp is just one name in his long list of celebrity clientele, which also includes several other athletes, Drama Beats (MTV's "Fantasy Factory"), and Jermaine Dupri.
Austin is a town that wears its appreciation of the arts on its sleeve and, sometimes, that appreciation comes in the form of a sleeve… literally. Reed akins his private workspace and need of permanent receptionists as a seawall against the tide of downtown life. While privacy is an important concern for Reed’s clients, that isn’t the full reason for having a separate workspace. One particular piece of Cotner’s seemed to be a perfect melding of a Sailor Jerry panther, Independent skate deck art and Judas Priest’s “Screaming For Vengeance” album cover.
If you’ve ever been to a tattoo shop, you know it can often feel exactly like any other shop.
Although All Saints Tattoo is a new face among a throng of tattoo studios, it remains unique.
That someone was Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp, who has been in the news quite often in over the past year for his relationship with Rihanna.
A piece he did on Dupri's ribcage, depicting his then-girl Janet Jackson as the classic Virgin Mary, made headlines back in 2009. Walking into All Saints, you’re greeted by their reception staff that is always pleasant, talkative and exceptionally knowledgeable about the artwork created behind the scenes.

In between appointments and walk in clients, Reed and fellow artists Chris Cotner and Chip Telano are free to create original artwork and try new design ideas.
You walk in, see something that you like and you purchase it before going on your merry way. With its friendly staff and artists, location in the vibrancy of downtown and unwavering commitment to creativity, it stands out from the rest. If this guy does some truly sick work, and tells you to get in the chair and let him have at it, chances are you’re in good hands.
Known as the field commander for the army of God, whenever, and whoever threatens the throne, it's this general who comes to collect. It might be a full portrait on the back or just a simple butterfly on the ankle, but Austin is a town that likes getting “inked.” A tattoo is a personal and permanent expression.
Having previously worked at both True Blue and the renowned Electric Ladyland Tattoo in New Orleans, he drew from years of experience when deciding to open his own studio. Cotner, for example, blends what Reed calls “traditional American tattooing” with mid-eighties skate culture imagery. And while being based in classic iconography, Reed and his fellow artists aren’t content to reproduce the work of other artists.
He was in a heavy metal band in his past life, rides a motorcycle, is a ghost writer for several authors and knows more about music than you do. He's still got at least another sitting for this one, and it seems as though he plans on finishing that left sleeve with the young L.A.

Enter Jon Reed and his new tattoo studio, All Saints Tattoo, who seeks to push the proverbial envelope of skin art. The artist’s workspace is kept separate from the rest of the shop, a major aspect of All Saints’ philosophy.
Reed presents an alternative in having his wall art as a jumping off point, something to draw inspiration from.
Then spent almost and hour going over it with me to make it perfect before we even started. If you bring an idea to this artist and he can whip something out with a sharpie wherever you’re wanting it, go for it. I have tattooed over half my life and the pieces that are the best are the ones that people give me an idea and let me go to town on. One, you’re ensuring you are walking out of the shop with a one of a kind piece, and two, you are showing the artist you trust his judgement to give you what you are wanting.

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