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Old wooden furniture decoration with stencils is a great way to add a personal touch to home furnishings. Simple and inexpensive furniture painting ideas make home furnishings look exclusive and more interesting, adding personality to room decorating and creating one-of-a-kind room decor accessories and furniture items. Your imagination, the drive to be creative and the urge to express yourself will help to find, design and develop simple and inexpensive furniture painting ideas and designs for decorating your home with stencils. Wooden furniture decoration with stencils are a simple technique that creates dramatic changes. Hand painted furniture and room decor accessories, wooden floor and ceiling designs fill your home with positive energy, creating unique atmosphere of cozy and intimate shabby chic decor. Creative painting ideas and stencil designs transform old wooden furniture and room decor accessories, bringing interesting patterns and more color into room decorating. Floor, ceiling, wall or wooden furniture decoration with stencils and paints are the easiest way to change the way your room look and feel, adding small charming decorative accent to your living space.
Lay down overlapping strips of blue painters tape on the glass from an unused picture frame. Spray the back of the stencil with spray adhesive such as 3M 77 Super Multipurpose Adhesive. I would recommend painting stencils with either Testors Acryl, Testors Enamel, or spray paint. We used a spray can of white paint so that this one would have good coverage & sharp edges. Rent our Arts & Crafts Activities for Kids of All AgesTake some time and let's get creative - Arts & Crafts Activities for KidsFace-Painting, Sand Art, Temporary Tattoo Fun, Spin Art, Candy Art and Sand Bottles. Spin Art Fun SpinnerSpin art is a hit at children's birthday parties, school carnivals, virtually any place!
Create oodles of fun at your next childrens event with a few bottles of paint, cards and the Fun Spinner. Here is just one example of the many colored designs your kids can make with our easy to use Spin Art Machine.
Our Sand and Candy Art Bottles craft activity is similar to "sand art" except when you finish making it, you can eat it!!!
We have all the supplies and even provide face-painting artists to make your kids look like their favorite character or animal.
Candy Art Machine RentalKids and adults can create an edible work of art by filling tubes with assorted color sour flavored powdered candy crystals. Our collection of royalty free printable stencils is ideal for a variety of fun DIY stencil projects.
With just a few clicks in Adobe Illustrator you can easily reverse the white and black sections, totally change colors.
Send us your feedback and requests for any free printable stencils you wish to see on our site so we can keep bringing you free high quality graphics downloads!
Cutting Edge Stencils has featured this Paisley Allover stenciled furniture painting idea by Domestic Imperfection blog countless times!
This stenciled furniture painting project was created by Hannah from Hannah and Jerod blog.

These stunning revamped pieces were stenciled by Paisley Perfection and are being sold on Etsy!
Last but not least, we have these two stunning tables stenciled with the Paisley Allover stencil by Personally Created.
Decorating wooden furniture and floor, room decor accessories and the ceiling with stencils and paints are an excellent technique for exploring charming, unique and inexpensive shabby chic home decor ideas. Your ideas,  favorite colors and personal taste are all your need to transform your home furnishings into masterpieces for intimate room decorating. Inexpensive furniture and room decor accessories transform into bright and elegant pieces that you can be proud of. Also you can buy a cheap, ordinary and dull wooden furniture piece and create beautiful shabby chic furniture item with stenciling designs, spicing up any room decorating ideas. First you need to decide what style of stenciling designs will look gorgeous with your shabby chic furniture and select proper patterns and paint colors. You can make stencils yourself, download decorative patterns from the internet or simply buy stencils. Bright, simplified or stylized images, arranged in groups, create beautiful decorative patterns for stenciling designs to define floor, wall and ceiling borders.
The combination of different stenciling designs helps create unique floor, wall, ceiling or furniture decoration. Prepare the surface, clean it from dirt and grease and apply few thin layers of primer paint first. They don't have enough pigment in the paint, so you'll end up having to paint multiple coats. After that, we masked off the rest of the armor piece with blue painter's tape & paper. Plan your next Children's Birthday Party with our arts & crafts activities for kids, and you know it's going to be a lot of fun!
Place the 5 x 7 card stock in the paper tray being sure the edges of the paper are within the tray edges.
Drop colors on to the safely enclosed spin machine and your child's new artwork appears before their very eyes!
Kids of all ages will be delighted in creating their own delicious sour or sweet flavored candy in clear safe plastic test tubes and straws.  The candy comes in a "sand-like" powder form that is delightfully colorful and tart or sweet.
Also called sand painting, this is a simple but satisfying craft that's good for Earth Day in the spring or any dry summer day that follows.
Non-toxic and easy to wash off, our face painting activities are always a great time for kids. Download these printable stencil designs as black and white vector graphics, or paint a cool wall border in your room, dabbing on paint with a sponge for a textured effect. Stencils are great for creative projects like embroidery, appliqué designs, scrapbooking, and wall or border painting.
With the hundreds of stencil designs Cutting Edge Stencils offers and the thousands of paint colors available, the sky is the limit! The Paisley stencil has been used for so many successful furniture painting projects and hopefully you have the confidence to try your own!

A floral pattern, geometric shapes, letters, stripes or funny little animals are excellent stenciling designs for various rooms.
Repetitive motifs, scattered over the floor, ceiling, wall or large furniture surface look interesting and elegant. Simple images, grouped in a creative way, can highlight a certain part of the furniture or room decor accessory., creating unique home accents. Use acrylic paints, brushes or sponge and masking tape for fixing the stencil on the furniture surface before creating your decorative pattern. Your kids will be amazed and entertained for hours with this great arts and crafts addition to any childrens party.
Each flavor has its own vivid color and comes in an easy-to-handle, easy-pour dispensing bottle. You can even transfer images onto T-shirts, or any clothing or accessory and design your own wardrobe!
Download these printable stencil designs as high-resolution (150 DPI) JPEG images that print on standard letter size paper or use the stencils as black and white clip art graphics in Microsoft Office. Printable iron-on transfers are a fun, easy way to add something cool to any piece in your closet! Since there's not a handy edge to lift, we had to use an Xacto knife to lift the stencil off the glass. We supply all the paint and paper. The spinning machine is a self-contained unit, this machine contains easily all the mess without any hassles to you.
Children simply pour their favorite flavors into the straw or tube to create their own edible masterpiece. Let your creative side go wild with free printable images for iron-on templates, inspiration, wall art, graphic design, web graphics or DIY projects. You should definitely add the color scheme of this table to your list of furniture painting ideas.
The kids will have a great time with the sand art party, and will be stimulated through work at play.
Clip art has so many cool uses from newsletters, stationery, and flyers, to web graphics, Microsoft documents, and crafts. This builds hand-eye co-ordination, color recognition,  and self-esteem building. Your kids will be filled with pride when completing their "OWN" sand art.
These royalty free graphics are offered in GIF, JPEG, PSD, and vector formats giving you the most creative freedom possible.
New free downloads are added often, so sign up for our newsletter to receive email updates. Skin decoration that removes with soap and water, is not toxic and has lots of glitter and color! Choose from the many design stencils available and wear a temporary tattoo at your next party!

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