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The world of tattoo art makes us see various dimensions that are related with aesthetics and symbolism.
This is why the tattoos with these two as art forms look cool and hold deep symbolic meaning. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, First Tattoo Ideas, Leg Tattoos For Men, Tramp Stamp Tattoos and Angelina Jolie Tattoos. The blue and orange, sun moon tattoo looks very neat and has got a clean, dazzling look that catches quick attention. Carved on the leg, the sun, moon and the stars bring out a beautiful portrait to the eyes that symbolizes unity in diversity.
Black and white, sun and moon tattoo, etched on the back of the girl looks sexy and is a symbol of the yin yang theory.
The sun and moon tattoo are a symbol of these two traits that complete the relationship between a man and woman. Sun and moon tattoo inspired from Behemoth’s album Evangelion looks cool and symbolizes the rational masculine nature juxtaposed with the emotional feminine disposition. Sweet and elegant sun and moon tattoo showing the astronomical bodies entwined in a kissing position looks very charming.
Glowing tattoo, showing the sun and moon in a lovely pose, that is a symbol of love and affection.
The girl has got a cool tattoo on her back with the sun, moon and stars that symbolize the husband, wife and children. Carved with dark ink, the sun moon tattoo looks elegant and stands for the symbiotic relationship between male and female.

The lower back of the girl presents a pretty sight in the form of the sun and moon, smiling together at a star that denotes the family life of the girl. Clean and clear; this sun moon tattoo has got fine details and looks very striking, showing the sun and moon in a sleeping pose.
The blue moon and the saffron sun, enclosed in a kissing pose, look very cute and stand for love and commitment.
Full of positivity and hope, the sun and moon tattoo along with stars presents a pretty picture to the eyes and also acts as a source of inspiration. Watch out this creative, comical and cute sun moon tattoo that stands for naughty, teenage love story. Simple and sweet; this is how one would define the sun and moon tattoo, carved on the back, as a mark of love.
The angry sun on one side and the smiling moon on another is a symbol of the opposite nature of the male and female. White moon and yellow sun tattoo, stands for the security and warmth the male gives to the female. The black and grey sun moon tattoo, embellished on the hand, is an artistic version of the yin and yang philosophy.
The sun on one side of the front and the moon on another brings out the essence of interdependence between the male and female.
The sun on one wrist and the moon on another represents the wearer and her lover who are like nurturing forces to each other.
Neat and pretty, sun moon tattoo, carved on the back of the girl, that she got as a gift to herself on her birthday.

The outline of the sun and moon drawn on the back of the girl looks sober and embodies the spirit of love and togetherness.
Reddish sun and serene blue moon tattoo design, carved on the upper back, looks presentable and has got a charming touch. Symbol of the male and female, the sun and moon tattoo represents the underlying sentiment behind the theory of creation. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. You are viewing the amazing and beautiful tattoo on the topic: Yin Yang Sun Moon Tattoo Stencil. Every tattoo that we see on the body part of a person carries, in its disposition, meaning and beauty. There are lots of mythical accounts and stories in different cultures with the two as central characters. So, today we bring for you a post featuring 25 images that display tattoos of sun and moon. The two, therefore, symbolize interdependence and are considered to be the symbol of yin and yang theory.

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