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It is not difficult to understand why this kind of tattoo design is becoming popular choice for tattooing on or around breast area amongst girls and women. First one, as you may know butterfly tattoos located here can also easily be concealed and showcased according to different kind of circumstances. And another main reasons that butterflies make great breast tattoos for women are the choice of colors.
Let's see on this girl having a sexy and small butterfly tattoo on her top of the breast area. We think smaller butterfly designs can be applied to top of the breast easily, as well they remained one of girls' top choices for many years and it does not seem to us they are losing their appeal. Previous to inking it you need to firmly believe in the symbolism represented by butterflies.
As far as color of the design is concerned you can choose simply black or nave blue color for your breast butterfly tattoos.
In order to create unique design for you, you can include different flowers and vines or climbers along with the butterfly. You can have group of butterflies floating up and around top of your breast or a single butterfly with its wings spread.
For many years we have seen the popularity of Celtic butterflies tattoos have grown with a high rate.
Then it's is an initiative to experiment well with colors and shapes of celtic butterflies. Open-winged Celtic butterfly tattoos are more common and popular than the close-winged designs. So, we can say if you want to give your body a new look, definitely the way to go is to get a tattoo. If you decide that you want to get one you probably now wonder what design you should go for. Tattoos are no longer a taboo topic since the society has changed many of its morals and perception and they have become even more popular since celebrities world wide started to adopt the trend and get more and more ink on their skin. As to the different body placements of the tattoo, this also comes in relation to the design chosen. Butterfly tattoo for wrist are also part of the glamorous tattoo category, because of their aesthetics, elegant and gracious look. All things considered, butterfly tattoos on wrist are a great choice for women and girls who want to adopt this form of expression through art, but still desire to keep a classy look for themselves. The Celtics treated animal symbols seriously, and used them in many ways as a show of reverence just like in jewelry, carvings and Celtic butterfly tattoos.  The Celtic people also revered the cycle of life, spirituality, family, friendship and love as among the important aspects of life, and tattooed them on their bodies. Since Celtic butterflies were involved in the process of transition, Celtic women adored this quality that they used the symbol of butterfly to associate them to childbirth as a means of commemorating the birth of their babies into the tribal community.  To be more specific, they used these symbols in Celtic butterfly tattoos that they embed on their bodies to remind them of the ever-changing cycle of life. The Celtics adored the butterfly because of the amazing phenomenon of metamorphosis that it has to go through during childbirth ranging from its initial form as an egg, to larvae, then to pupa, and from there, the butterfly emerges.  Then, they see a beautiful object with its glory resulting from the breathtaking transformation which they embed in their thoughts through creation of a creative design. Celtic butterfly tattoos can be considered as something that can stand alone with attractive, colorful and versatile appearance that can suit anyone regardless of age, creed, gender or religion. The tribal tattoo design has been around for a very long time, maybe even from the beginning of the history of human culture.
Very long ago, in tribal societies these tattoos were a means of showing membership in a group – a tribe.

Something as common as wedding bands was not around in the Bronze Age, even very long afterwards.
The message behind these tattoos is, however, often much deeper than an identity mark or a marriage vow. During the rite of passage rituals a tattoo would help to mark those who succeeded in reaching adulthood. Through the whole spectrum of meanings to simple enjoyment of the beautiful geometry of tribal shapes, these tattoos and their symbolism can be found in every populated part of the world that has an ancient tribal history. The shape of a tribal tattoo was also helpful in determining the family tree, with each swirl or mark representing a different branch. All across cultures it is very common that the passage into adulthood is celebrated with a first tattoo. Similar to marking the membership in tribes, gangs and criminal families also mark their members. Whatever the reason for having a tribal tattoo – membership, tradition or simply a personal symbolism – we can still admire this skillful art from today. There are mass selection of beautiful designs available, from the delicate & colorful to the bold lines of butterfly in tribal form. Although a large number of girls choose breast butterfly tattoos to make their breast beautiful. You must be 100% happy with your chosen color and design Be Remembered you are going to have tattoo for a long time.
First were the men, but today women are also fascinated with the art of tattooing and one of the most popular choices among them is the butterfly design.
If you go for the big butterflies, or fantasy ones, you may want to choose a place that provides you with enough space, like the shoulder or the lower back.
But given that they tend to be pretty small designs, you need to be very careful when you choose the tattoo artist, because you need someone with a lot of patience, attention to details and understanding of what you need to express through the butterfly tattoos on the wrist. The butterfly can take several forms and has numerous meanings, which makes the choice even more appealing! To serve a similar purpose, couples would have marriage tattoos to symbolize their commitment and love.
We can see this behavior even today when young people get a tattoo when they reach eighteen or twenty-one.
Even today, there are societies that use this system to identify the branches of their tribes. Tattoos that were supposed to protect one in battle were on the skin where the enemy could strike. Russian, Chinese or Japanese mafia, even American gangs do this just like some of the most famous tribes such as the Maoris, Mayans, Aztecs, Samos, Native American tribes and many others.
We observed that butterfly tattoos on breast have gained popularity amongst young girls and women. Butterflies tattoos come in various shapes and sizes and they can be so designed as to fit several body parts.
If you are more into little and cute butterflies, you can go for the butterfly tattoos on wrist or ankle.
Today, many people use tribal tattoos for the same reason, whether they are intertwined hearts or name initials, although professionals probably design and draw them much better now.

The tattoo’s function of commemorating important events in our life hasn’t changed over the thousands of years. Tribal tattoos served a specific purpose of determining to which tribe or social class its owner belonged. This way when a member of a certain branch travels and meets a group they can instantly know how to react. Also important life achievements or events would frequently be the inspiration for getting a tattoo. Obviously, these tattoos can be well covered up when one wants to look more decent, but they can be uncovered and displayed just as easily. Due to their deep significance and ramified symbolism, they are chosen by both delicate type women and wild spirited and strong girls.
The butterfly tattoos on the wrist, for example, are very feminine and completely appropriate for young girls. But unless your love is certain to last, such permanent expressions of love are not a very good idea.
As a symbol of adulthood the tattoos also functioned as reminders of the new responsibilities. In combination with warrior stances and frightening expressions the tattoos were supposed to intimidate the rivals.
Participating in a battle, victory in a war or simply warring off demons and wicked spirits were all important enough to be included in the tattoo design. Very popular among men, these tattoos are thought to increase attractiveness and sexual appeal. Having the tattoos on the arms was supposed to help men hunt and fight better, it gave them the psychological strength of belief in their power or the power of gods. But even in the past, the pure desire for body decoration was a frequent reason just like today. The last positive argument in favor of the tribal tattoos is that they can be placed almost anywhere on the body, most frequently on the back or the upper arm.
People that have overcome great challenges in their lives or have gone through significant change may also turn to such designs. Not to mention the great visual impact of butterfly tattoos for wrist, which also contributes to the reason why they are so often met among teenagers. Adult women may also go for the butterfly tattoos on the wrist, but for slightly different reasons. First, even if the wrist grants a high level of exposure to the tattoo, the place only indulges small designs, which have a classy and refined look that goes perfectly with some types of women. And second of all, the wrist is one of the least painful body parts to get ink on and the healing process is very fast.
However, once you decided to get a tattoo, pain and healing are commonly less of an issue than the constant search for something original and outstanding. Butterfly tattoos on wrist can be just that if you let your imagination run freely and try to relate the design to your personal experience or to your life.

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