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Ever wondered what happened the Nike Air Mag sported by Marty McFly in Back to the Future II?
Created by Japanese skateboarder Shin Okada, Push Connection have finally released the long awaited Wallabram shoe. Launched by Maurizio Amadei, MA+ are known for creating modern garments from just a single piece of material. This amazing papercraft reconstruction of Star Wars was made for Jeremy Messersmith‘s song called Tatooine. This article says the animation didn’t involve any paper and that it was digitally created.
I think what the other person is saying,and it is how I read it, is that the animation in the star wars video, is just ok and the animated music video in the link they provided has better quality animation.

Jeremy Messersmith, a Minnesotan pop-writer, has been diligently updating his website every Wednesday with new content.
The story of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo has been retold via Lego’s, video games, claymation, short films, cartoons, Christmas specials, and even by some fat kid retrofitted with a baton. If you haven't discovered his tunes or his work before, you may have coincidentally stumbled across a video he made for "Tatooine" that's been going around, recreating as much of the original Star Wars trilogy as possible in just under three minutes.
With this new video, put together by Eric Power, we now have George Lucas’ trilogy revamped with some fairly imaginative paper animation set to the tune of Jeremy Messersmith’s song “Tatooine”. Personal faves include the wampa, AT-AT and AT-ST, as well as seeing Yoda go flying on Dagoba.
That’s what I thought initially, but then I was like, no one would use real paper for something like this.

The poignant song, coupled with some of the more memorable moments of the movies recreated with little paper characters, makes for a great video. The video proves the world will never get enough of that galaxy far, far away … Check out the video after the jump. At least equalling the rarest shoes of all time and certainly one of the most pined after, fans are now able to bid on the legendary sneaker in the hopes of owning the pair.
Frankly the 1989-made grail looks a little tired and shows some series cracking on the midsole, though this hasn’t prevent the estimated value of the sneakers reaching a staggering $12000 – $15000.

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