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I have amassed a large collection over the years, consisting of thousands of cards, but also including stickers, matchbooks, pens and key rings. After looking over my collection I found that each of these cards are as individual as the artists. In the 1980s and 1990s the most impressive cards were those by Jack Rudy, Brian Everett, Sailor Moses and his California Tattoo Studio in Biloxi. As the year 2000 approached, a new generation of tattooers emerged, and business cards evolved by becoming more elaborate.
Cards nowadays have extravagant fonts and overlaid imagery, as well as examples of the artists’ capabilities.
Take a look, and you will see how a business card is an important tool, expressing who you are as an artist and the quality of the studio you work at. I am including some great examples from my collection of some of the best business cards of the last 25 years.

Awesome business cards for tattoo artists and tattooists who crave a cool business card to use when promoting their tattoo business. It all started with the first shops I worked at, extending to every tattoo convention I attended. The early cards were simple and professional looking, (just like other business cards from various professions) over time they have developed into everything from impressive hand drawn pieces, to digitally enhanced artwork, and still some feature photos of the artists’ work. Cards were no longer just black and white standard cards, they changed into impressive two-sided cards with full-color and even photographs of the artists’ tattoo work. Whether you're seeking retro tattoo business cards, arty business cards with a tattoo theme, or modern tattooist business cards, they're all to be found here.
Whenever I travel and stop by a tattoo studio I make it a point to pick up business cards, stickers, whatever advertising they have. Rosini was another one who always went out of his way to make an impression through the medium of the business card.

With the new millennium computers became more capable and the possibilities became limitless. As I look back, business cards have changed as the generations of tattooers themselves have changed. As the 90s progressed Paul Booth, Guy Aitchinson, Bob Montagna, Paul Massaro and many others came out with really impressive cards. When handed a card today you get far more than just a shop name, address, phone number and artists name… You get a miniature piece of artwork.

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